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Never apologize

Here’s a picture from an Islamic magazine I recently came across. Study it well. The Muslims never apologize for their beliefs. The question is, what do the vast majority of non-religious westerners actually believe in? “Tolerance”, “Multiculturalism”, and “Gender equality” … Continue reading

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Just How Fascist Is Donald Trump?

The Occidental Observer has put together a hilarious set of paranoid quotes emanating from establishment mouthpieces that decry the rise of a fascist populist. Some of the usual suspects are experiencing visions of 1938 again. Many ordinary Americans were so … Continue reading

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Why It’s Imperative For Whites To Remain A Majority In The West

I recently left a few comments on Abagond’s blog recently, and unsurprisingly, some of the commenters there accused me of being a white man pretending to be an Indian. For those that have followed me since my days on Robert … Continue reading

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The Left And Racial Tensions – What Globalists Gain From Racial Chaos

When Palestinians are lectured on the horrors of the Holocaust, they react with a great deal of outrage. It isn’t for the reasons you think – they are outraged because they are expected to feel sympathy for the very same … Continue reading

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The Liberal As The Outsider

One of my favorite stories from ancient India is the tale of the Owls and the Crows as narrated by pundit Vishnu Sharma in the Panchatantra. According to the common narration, the owls and crows were at war with one … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Never Backing Down

If there is one story in the Bible that should inspire Alt-righters to take a stand against leftist lunacy, it is the tale of the mighty Sampson who slew a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey. It might be … Continue reading

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Insanity and Western Decay

The peculiar quality of insanity is that it has a tendency of sneaking up on you. You seldom realize you have been ambushed and you almost never realize that your new course takes you over the edge of a cliff. … Continue reading

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SJWs and Multiculturalism’s Mixed Messages

Well, it looks like the constant prattle against the evils of “cultural appropriation” shows no signs of abating. White people are certainly being given some very mixed messages. On the one hand, we’re blessed by multiculturalism’s many riches – including … Continue reading

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Common Law vs. Common People: The Complicated Relationship Between the Law and Morality

During my college days, I was unfortunate enough to take a course called “first contact,” which revolved around evil white settlers and their depredations against noble indigenous folk. The things I did to fulfill GE requirements! The main lecturer was … Continue reading

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Do We Have a ‘Rape Culture’ In The West?

I’ve encountered numerous labels attached to Western culture over the years – ‘individualistic’, ‘high tech’, ‘innovative’, ‘degenerate’ etc; the most bizarre characterization of Western culture, however, is ‘Rape culture.’ I had the opportunity to engage in a rather edifying debate … Continue reading

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