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Who’s the Wingnut Now?

As longtime readers remember, I reviewed Robert Reich’s Saving Capitalism. While I was never an especially big fan of Robert Reich – he comes across as a prissy liberal – he nevertheless struck me as a serious economist. His work even … Continue reading

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Capitalism, Consumerism, and Innovation

Is consumerism Capitalism’s dead end? The words are often used interchangeably in day to day use and so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the common man’s perception. However this was not always the case. Capitalism began as the … Continue reading

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The West has no right to lecture Putin on democracy.

Vladimir Putin has two distinguishing characteristics that our North American leaders possess in small measure: A backbone and principles. But where does Putin get his strength from? We’ll return to that question later. What I find admirable about the Russian … Continue reading

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A New Cold War, or Imperial Chickens Coming Home to Roost? The Implications of Edward Snowden’s Asylum in Russia

Pat Buchanan has an excellent new article detailing the growing tension between the United States and Russia. What could possibly account for these growing tensions, over two decades after the conclusion of the first Cold War? Well, unless you’ve been … Continue reading

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The Pendulum Effect: What Russia’s Story Can Teach the West – By Bay Area Guy

http://www.russiaslam.com/2013/stories/hugging-girls-arrested-in-st-petersburg-under-anti-gay-law.html I’ve always found Russia to be a fascinating country, if only because I have a deep appreciation for dark irony. The radical transformations that Russia has undergone in just the past century have baffled even the most perceptive of … Continue reading

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