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About That Swamp

In another maddening, yet unsurprising move, President Trump has further polluted the swamp by appointing Dr. Scott Gottlieb – a major recipient of opioid industry dollars – to head the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Kind of renders Trump’s commission to address … Continue reading

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Desi Wisdom and Disjointed Thoughts on Brexit

Courtesy of commenter Raja Hindustani, I watched a very edifying video concerning Brexit from an Indian news channel. Check it out below: Given what we already know about non-white realism and nationalism, it held few surprises. What I found telling … Continue reading

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The Radical Center

During my first interview with Robert Stark, Robert and I concurred that the best ideological platform would be an eclectic mix of Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader’s beliefs. We further discussed this stance when hanging out in SF, and Robert even requested that I dedicate … Continue reading

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