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Robert Stark and I Discuss Economics

As you all know, I’ve been recently binging on economics. So, like it or not, my latest interview with Robert Stark and Pilleater is no exception! We mainly discuss Dean Baker’s work and other economic issues, but also briefly touch … Continue reading

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Review: Rigged by Dean Baker

  So, after a bit of a break from the blog and political economy, I’m back with another one of my economics book reviews! This time, I’ll be reviewing Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were … Continue reading

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Rodrigo Duterte and the Slow Death of Liberalism

Liberalism has certainly seen better days. Whether it’s Trumpism, the revival of European nationalism, “Sultan” Recep Erdogan’s appeal to small-town Turks, or Narendra Modi’s popularity with Indians, the pattern is clear: growing numbers of frustrated people worldwide are losing patience with liberal democracy’s myriad failures. … Continue reading

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The Mainstream Media Versus Humility

In case you missed it, Lyin’ Ted and John Kasich – the prickly, delusional governor of Ohio who doesn’t even warrant an insulting nickname – have both dropped out of the presidential race. Barring any insane convention shenanigans in Cleveland, the GOP elders will have … Continue reading

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