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Wahhabism and Globalism

A common cultural leftist trope is that members of “privileged” classes – mainly white men – have no right to critique the foibles and pathologies of oppressed groups. For example, whites who venture to comment on Middle Eastern affairs are … Continue reading

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Yay for Abe

Courtesy of Dean Baker, one of my favorite economists, I read this interesting article about Shinzo Abe’s stimulus plan in Japan. It turns out that, contrary to the assertion of venal hacks like Fareed Zakaria, the Abe government’s intervention in the … Continue reading

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Cracks in the Leftist Coalition

Being an alt righter who lives in the Bay Area, I’ve spent most of my life alienated from liberals. It’s not like I’ve suffered ostracism or anything that severe; code switching has definitely served me well. Rather, I always felt like … Continue reading

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Hags for Hillary!

Well, at least according to former Pennsylvania governor and Clinton loyalist Ed Rendell, frumpy women will be one of the demographics that dooms the Donald (emphasis mine): “For every [woman voter he wins] he’ll lose 1 1/2, two Republican women. Trump’s … Continue reading

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How Diversity Destroys Economic Justice

While Schadenfreude is frowned upon, I am always delighted whenever the left cannibalizes itself. This latest progressive imbroglio took place during a conference at Netroots Nation, which is one of the largest gatherings of liberal activists around the country. During … Continue reading

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The Real Wrong Side of History

A common tactic employed by leftists is to accuse their enemies of being on “the wrong side of history.” When I toured UC Santa Cruz around 9 years ago, I recall seeing a mural juxtaposing old school Jim Crow bigotry … Continue reading

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