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Wahhabism and Globalism

A common cultural leftist trope is that members of “privileged” classes – mainly white men – have no right to critique the foibles and pathologies of oppressed groups. For example, whites who venture to comment on Middle Eastern affairs are … Continue reading

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Just How Fascist Is Donald Trump?

The Occidental Observer has put together a hilarious set of paranoid quotes emanating from establishment mouthpieces that decry the rise of a fascist populist. Some of the usual suspects are experiencing visions of 1938 again. Many ordinary Americans were so … Continue reading

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The Importance Of Never Backing Down

If there is one story in the Bible that should inspire Alt-righters to take a stand against leftist lunacy, it is the tale of the mighty Sampson who slew a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey. It might be … Continue reading

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Ice Cream, Hitler Worship, and Western Liberals’ Cluelessness About the Non-White World

A few days ago, ice cream merchants in Robert Lindsay’s favorite punching bag, India, inspired outrage when they launched a new brand of ice cream cones bearing Hitler’s name and image. The good white liberals of Germany, in a display … Continue reading

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The Entitlement of the Left

“Entitlement.” It’s a word that’s gratuitously employed by leftists of all stripes. I’ll give you three guesses as to which specific demographic is most frequently branded with this term. Indeed, whenever a white man goes postal or otherwise engages in … Continue reading

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Violence and Values: What violence can teach us about civilization.

In his article “Should Ajmal Kasab be hanged?” Aakar Patel observes:  “Like all primitive societies, Indians seek closure through violence, preferably participative. We do this now and then, as we shall see, and in that sense we are like central … Continue reading

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Strange bedfellows: Deconstructing the alliance between Hindutva (hindu nationalism) and Jewry

A number of people over the years have asked me to comment on the symbiotic relationship between Jewry and upper caste Hindus, and after much procrastination, I’ve finally gotten around to it. It should first be established that not all … Continue reading

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Women and culture – where western women fail miserably

I have always maintained a personal thesis, postulated here for the first time, that the health of a society (and civilization by extension) hangs on a precarious balance of values; that a healthy society must comprise of men with liberal … Continue reading

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