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Never apologize

Here’s a picture from an Islamic magazine I recently came across. Study it well. The Muslims never apologize for their beliefs. The question is, what do the vast majority of non-religious westerners actually believe in? “Tolerance”, “Multiculturalism”, and “Gender equality” … Continue reading

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A Hate Crime With a Silver Lining

A recent hate crime incident has been making its rounds on the internet and has provoked an uproar from armchair Samaritans lamenting the end of civilization. An Egyptian born Muslim woman was verbally and physically accosted on the NYC subway … Continue reading

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The Liberal As The Outsider

One of my favorite stories from ancient India is the tale of the Owls and the Crows as narrated by pundit Vishnu Sharma in the Panchatantra. According to the common narration, the owls and crows were at war with one … Continue reading

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Insanity and Western Decay

The peculiar quality of insanity is that it has a tendency of sneaking up on you. You seldom realize you have been ambushed and you almost never realize that your new course takes you over the edge of a cliff. … Continue reading

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Do We Have a ‘Rape Culture’ In The West?

I’ve encountered numerous labels attached to Western culture over the years – ‘individualistic’, ‘high tech’, ‘innovative’, ‘degenerate’ etc; the most bizarre characterization of Western culture, however, is ‘Rape culture.’ I had the opportunity to engage in a rather edifying debate … Continue reading

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Ecotogenesis Provokes Hilarious Response From Feminists

The idea of Ectogenesis (artificial womb technology) has been with us since the 1920s. Its implications have been discussed in Brave New World and even the Matrix. The purpose of this article isn’t to predict the viability of this technology … Continue reading

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More On Moderates And Extremists

Commenter curiosetta makes a few excellent points in this post: There are moderate racists too. Moderate racists believe (for example) blacks are The Problem and they pose a threat to a civilised society. But being moderate they only think that … Continue reading

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Is Feminism An Extremist Ideology?

Kiran Gandhi’s recent stunt is the latest in a long list of feminist attention whoring shenanigans. My personal theory is that she knew she couldn’t win the marathon and hence resorted to pulling such a cheap stunt. Despite the various … Continue reading

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Shifting the cost

Here’s a comment I left on Robert Lindsay’s blog pertaining to female rule. I wouldn’t really call this ‘female rule’ as women were never meant to rule. What feminists have done is merely shift women’s dependence away from men/husbands and … Continue reading

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Resisting Our Cultural Marxist Elites – A Few Strategies To Consider

Like so many children, I grew up becoming thoroughly acquainted with Western fairytales that were packaged by Disney and transmitted through my TV set. The charater that facinated me most was seldom the protagonist or antagonist, but rather, the king … Continue reading

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