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Globalization and Designated Shitting Streets

During one of our conversations about globalism, Dota told me that globalization’s ultimate aim is to turn the planet into a big sweatshop. So far, globalists have been remarkably successful at bringing their vision to fruition. Thanks to their efforts, … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill on Land Monopoly

While I’ve long been passionate about economics, reading Michael Hudson’s Killing the Host was such an eye opener that it fundamentally changed the way I view our political economy. Specifically, it made me ponder why certain rentier elites – especially … Continue reading

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Review: Rigged by Dean Baker

  So, after a bit of a break from the blog and political economy, I’m back with another one of my economics book reviews! This time, I’ll be reviewing Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were … Continue reading

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Second Part of Robert Stark’s Interview

Happy New Year all! I know that I haven’t been as active on the blog lately, but I have not been idle. For now, I’m going to post the second part of my latest appearance on Robert Stark’s show. This segment … Continue reading

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Review: Killing the Host by Michael Hudson

Michael Hudson is easily one of the best economists in the world; too bad few Americans besides those who read fringe sites such as Unz Review and Counterpunch know of him. Aside from his wealth of knowledge, what makes Hudson’s voice so refreshing is that he … Continue reading

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San Francisco and the Bay Area’s Progressive Paradox

In my old post analyzing the racial dynamics of the Bay Area, I briefly touched upon the many contradictions that pervade the region. One of the most blatant contradictions here in the Bay is that progressive ideology coexists with untrammeled … Continue reading

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