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Never apologize

Here’s a picture from an Islamic magazine I recently came across. Study it well. The Muslims never apologize for their beliefs. The question is, what do the vast majority of non-religious westerners actually believe in? “Tolerance”, “Multiculturalism”, and “Gender equality” … Continue reading

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The Left And Racial Tensions – What Globalists Gain From Racial Chaos

When Palestinians are lectured on the horrors of the Holocaust, they react with a great deal of outrage. It isn’t for the reasons you think – they are outraged because they are expected to feel sympathy for the very same … Continue reading

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Immigrants, Hooligans, and the Right Reasons to Oppose Immigration

As I have argued before, leftists have one cardinal rule: “marginalized” groups are beyond reproach; unless, of course, their bad behavior can somehow be blamed on oppressor groups. That’s why, regardless of non-whites’ penchant for organized tribalism, leftists will always absolve … Continue reading

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“Diversity” is Simply Code for “Non-white”

When the left touts the benefits of diversity, they’re really telling white people to get lost. The latest example is this wimpy white woman’s screed about her white neighbors’ reluctance to send their kids to a black school, which tells us all … Continue reading

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The Importance of Language

While many in the alt right have mixed views on the manosphere, there are trenchant “red pill” adherents who frequently bless the internet with their edifying insights. One of these individuals is a Roosh V Forum poster who goes by the name Scorpion. … Continue reading

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Jerry Seinfeld and the Demise of the Diversity Industrial Complex

Though we have at times been critical of Jewish hypocrisy and certain subversive deeds of the organized Jewish activist community, few can deny that Jews make for great comedians. Perhaps I’m a bit odd for my generation, but I’ve always … Continue reading

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