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Healthcare and The Donald

At Robert Stark’s request, I’ve decided to write about the demise of the Republican healthcare bill and its implications for Trumpian nationalism. Long story short, Paul Ryan tried to replace Obamacare – which, ironically, was spawned by the conservative Heritage Foundation and … Continue reading

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Scattered Thoughts on Political Violence

Well, it looks like I’m late to the party (as usual), but I figured I’d share some brief thoughts on Richard Spencer getting punched. Having read different takes on the attack, I am most inclined to agree with the one offered … Continue reading

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Second Part of Robert Stark’s Interview

Happy New Year all! I know that I haven’t been as active on the blog lately, but I have not been idle. For now, I’m going to post the second part of my latest appearance on Robert Stark’s show. This segment … Continue reading

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Good Video From Ramzpaul

I just finished watching the latest video from Ramzpaul, one of the more prominent alt right vloggers and personalities. Check it out below: I don’t agree with all of his points. For one, while the average BLM adherent probably doesn’t think twice about … Continue reading

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New Article on Alternative Right

As most of you already know, along with managing this blog, I’m also a contributing editor over at Alternative Right, where my latest article for them – where I critique Donald Trump and those in the alt right who uncritically embrace … Continue reading

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An Edifying Alt Right Podcast

Very recently, I did a podcast with Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki of Alternative Right. We mostly discussed the increasingly exciting and controversial US presidential election. It was a great conversation, and I endeavored to explain why I am perhaps the … Continue reading

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