Our views on race

I imagine this will come up sooner or later, so I’ll address our position on race here and make this a static page. We are not race deniers here, we subscribe to the definition of race as a genetically differentiated population. Race is not the focus of this website however, it is culture. When race becomes a subject of inquiry, we approach it through a scientific lens instead of an ideological one. For example, we believe that the differences between racial groups are mostly physiological instead of psychological. So while we might occasionally concede that Race A has a higher level of tolerance towards certain illnesses while being susceptible to others, we will never say that Race A is more prone to crime and violence on account of their genetics. We believe that all men are equal in the eyes of God and we reject any notion of racial hierarchies.

That being said, we do not apply the maxim of equality to cultures. We believe that certain cultures are superior to others. As Paleoconservatives, we believe in normalizing Anglo culture within North American societies in addition to reserving the right to critique and deconstruct foreign cultures. We believe that some of the cultures outside the west are simply nasty and brutish and should be left alone. We strongly object to our two nations participating in imperialist jaunts and world policing assignments in favour of reducing immigration and preserving traditional western values at home. We also oppose any attempts made by our two nations to impose western values onto non western societies. Our values and moral beliefs are predicated upon multiple layers of factual beliefs, many of which remain inaccessible to foreign cultures and thus our moral values would be incomprehensible to them; as their beliefs would likewise be inaccessible to us.

Race versus ethnicity

The three Racial groupings tend to be rather broad and somewhat ambiguous at times (where to classify Australoids?). From a purely genetic point of view, Bay Area Guy and myself are part of the same race as Higher caste Indians (such as myself) cluster closer towards Europeans (see Sforza). However this is a meaningless association as we are also members of 2 very distinct groups, culturally, geographically, and linguistically.

Ethnicity is socially constructed and is formed at the intersection of 4 variables: Race, language, culture, and geography. Ethnicity is also temporal in nature which is why we do not refer to Italians as Romans today any more than Indians and Iranians are referred to as Aryans. But just because ethnicity is socially constructed does not mean it isn’t worth fighting for. A person’s ethnicity forms the core of his being, it regulates his interaction with the universe (vis a vis other individuals and the physical world itself) and it is supremely obnoxious to state that ethnicity is not worth fighting for just because it is socially constructed.

51 Responses to Our views on race

  1. Guy from Montréal says:

    We believe that all men are equal in the eyes of God (except the French) and we reject any notion of racial hierarchies (ok the French too). Could you please elaborate on that?

  2. Eren Jäger says:

    Australoids are closer to Mongoloids than any other race. In fact, Mongoloids are a recent transition from Australoids. Proto-Mongoloids, such as the Ainu and some groups of Polynesians are in the Australoid box on a gene map. SE Asians are the most recent, they evolved from Australoids 3,500-5,000 YBP and NE Asians 15,000 YBP. I guess you could say Paleo Amerindians were still Australoid in skull structure but Mongoloid on genes. So I guess you could say that the Mongoloid race is one big ass race, and Aboriginal Aussies belong to the same macro race as a yellow slanty-eyed South Korean. An Aborigine and a Chinamen are more genetically similar than a Bantu and a Pygmy. If Obama’s dad and a Pygmy are both Negroids, then a black-looking Aborigine and Jackie Chan are both Mongoloids.
    As far as phenotype goes; obviously Negroids are the closest to them, however, Australoid skulls bear the most similarities to Caucasoids. So only if you measure superficial phenotype do they look like Blacks.

  3. Eren Jäger says:

    While most racial differences are physiological rather than psychological, there are some racially inherent psychological differences. I have read enough on the subject to be sure of it, and I do not blame the OP for their views, since to say “Blacks are naturally more aggressive” would be highly controversial. Maybe in my grandpa’s day this was normal, but unfortunately for me, not in mine. Also, I do not believe ALL Negroids are aggressive, only Bantu Blacks. Khosians/Bushmen are less aggressive than Nordic Whites, and Pygmies are more docile than East Asians. It all comes down to androgen hormones and physiology rather than IQ. High IQ people can be more aggressive than lower IQ ones. Bantu Africans; such as Obama Sr., Michael Jackson, and Rosa Parks are naturally smarter and more aggressive than a San Bushman. Both are Negroids as well. So high IQ=low aggression is not true. High androtestosterones=high aggression is more like it. Khosians and Pygmies are both Negroids with low testosterone and androgen levels.

  4. Eren Jäger says:

    Also, I would not say that a serial killer is more aggressive than a normal person. I define aggression as random or everyday acts of violence, such as bullying, robberies, shootings, beat the shit out of him for talking smack-ings, etc. Prescise and calculated acts of violence, such as assassinations, snipings, or a planned murder is not aggression, and testosterone has a minimal effect on it.

    • Dota says:

      You’re talking about impulsive violence? Again, it’s hard to prove that certain races are genetically predisposed to such behaviour.

      I don’t think it’s controversial to say that Blacks are more aggressive as a race if it can be proven. What I wouldn’t say however, is that it is this aggression (if proven true) that makes them more prone to criminal behaviour. There is such a thing as healthy aggression which we see in certain Businessmen and politicians. If blacks channel their aggression in negative directions then I suspect their environment plays a role in it more than anything else.

      On similar note, you’re really into race aren’t you? What got you started?

      • Eren Jäger says:

        What got me started on race? Really, two things.
        1; My dad. He is a forensic scientist who works for the gov’t, and he taught me how to distinguish the race of a skull just by looking at certain features like the cheekbones, the chin, the angle of the face, the width of the cranium, and the projection of the upper mandible. We used to play games when I was 8 where my dad would print a bunch of skull profiles, both front, side, and back, and I would guess the race of the skulls. I would also guess if it was dolichocephalic or brachycephalic, neotenic or gerantomorphic, robust or gracile, modern or archaic. At the time, I still believed that all races were equal and capable of the same contributions to civilizations.
        2; Bullying. This is what lifted my eyes from the whole, “All men are created equal” B.S. I got bullied a lot in elementary school, beat up, and on three occasions hospitalized for a day. It was mostly Black kids who bullied me, and Blacks who were smart, dumb, rich, poor, from all different backgrounds joined in on making my life hell. Almost no White kids did, although a few Hispanics did. That is when I began to see that Blacks from all types of environments shared a similar level of aggression, and by 5th grade I was a hardcore Nordicist racist and I had Confederate flags in my room (my parents wouldn’t let me keep a Nazi swaztika flag). The bullying eventually stopped due to parental intervention, but I was enlightened already and I began researching world history and the history of each and every race. What I found out shocked me.
        MY CONCLUSION:As I pored into research, I found out that Black Africans lived on the richest natural resource-filled land, yet lived in mud huts. The only African civilizations were White or part White. The Ancient Egyptians-91% White genetically. Nubians-56% White. Ethiopians-45% White. The Carthraginians and other African civilizations were White.
        Same goes for Asians. Who invented Oriental martial arts? An Indian Aryan from the ruling castes; a man named Bodidharma. Buddha was the same-Siddharta Gutama-Aryan Indian. Genghis Khan was described by Persian historian Rashid Al-Din as a ginger guy, and was surprised his grandson wasnt a ginger. The Mongols themselves are 14.6% Western European, and the Mongol Army under Genghis had various Central Asian Caucasoid tribes in it and the help of the Uighurs-a 45% White group. Even all modern Blacks and Asians who acheive greatness are part White- Bruce Lee, Barach Obama, Frederick Douglass, Colin Powell, Benjamin Banneker, Louis Farrahkhan, Malcolm X, W.E.B. DuBois, etc. All part Whites.
        Caucasians traveled to far regions of the world- the Rus to Russia, the Tocharians to China, the Celts to Central Asia, the Vandals, Egyptians, Carthraginians, the White side of the Nubians, the White side of the Ethiopians to Africa. The Aryans to India. The British, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch to N. and S. America and Africa, Asia, etc. How many African Blacks or Asian Mongoloids made world-changing voyages to far off continents, colonized a numerically superior native population, and started prosperous, blooming civilizations of which the natives could not even comprehend? Only White people did. Even Ancient China was ruled on multiple times by White barbarian tribes such as the Zhou, Qin, and Manchu, and Chinese historian Fu Xian describes Shi Hugandi-Emperor of China as a tall man with blue eyes.
        That is what got me started on race.

      • Batterytrain says:


        These dimwitz are having a race discussion; I think you should troll them Coward, they need the “Coward treatment”, I am always stunned by the elementary and sophomoric level of discussion whenever the subject of race differences occur in mainstream outlets and places of discussions. The HBD-political-Anthrosphere seem to be light years ahead in terms of the formality, tone, depth, layers, seriousness, and sophistication whenever racial-taboo topics come up as well as other topics/concerns concerning the current state of affairs in the Western world/general politics and society.

      • Huax says:

        “Who invented Oriental martial arts? An Indian Aryan from the ruling castes; a man named Bodidharma.”

        A myth.

        “Genghis Khan was described by Persian historian Rashid Al-Din as a ginger guy, and was surprised his grandson wasnt a ginger.”

        A myth invented by someone born almost 100 years after Temujin died.

        “The Mongols themselves are 14.6% Western European”

        Yes, breeding your slaves does that.

        “the Uighurs-a 45% White group.”

        Uighurs were 10% or less “white” in medieval times.

        “Caucasians traveled to far regions of the world- the Rus to Russia, the Tocharians to China”

        East Asians beat you by ten thousand years, and they didn’t need to copy another civilization’s tech to do it (compass).

  5. Sandy says:

    Hi, i like to watch soap operas, so just in case that someone has an opinion ,what do you think of her? she is a brazilian writer of soap operas, she has some of caucasian, Wikipedia says she is part italian blood, but she looks kinda weird for a caucasian to me, i wonder if she has some black, native or asian, or if her look is mostly or completely posible for a caucasian, her name is Gloria Perez


  6. Eren Jäger says:

    Axum you are right. NE Asians are a race than can economically rival the White man. Not sure if they can be as innovative, although the Chinese have been particularly innovative in the past. Of course, in the sexual market, White males and females are universally desired over males and females of any other race.

    I understand that Zheng He reached Africa long before Magnellan did. This was during the Han Dynasty as well, so I can’t give credit to Manchurians, Mongols, or Tocharians. Okay, I will admit, Asians are pretty capable. So are certain Blacks. 93% of all human genetic variability is in Black Africans. So some Blacks with similar genetics to Eurasians are just as good as Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great. Would love to hear a Black Beethoven or Mozart.

    • Batterytrain says:

      I have heard that East Asian men are on the bottom of the barrel, if not last, here in the West when it comes to getting girls, is this true? I have never seen one date a European or American girl, let any attractive ones unless it was their own.

      Also Zhenh He had foreign admixture though

    • Sandy says:

      Omg, this is Xera 😉

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Yeah, Zheng He was Persian and Chinese. Genghis Khan was Tocharian and Mongolian. Almost every Asian who has ever risen to prominence had White admixture. Asians cannot claim credit for the Chinese civilization, because Whites built it for them. The White Zhou, Qin, and part-White Manchu, and all of the Emperors of China had White admixture. Just look at their court portraits, these men are tall, bearded, have narrow and straight noses, and narrow faces. You can also see a chin, not present in Mongoloids who are pureblood.
      I am getting tired of all the Colored races claiming credit for White accomplishments.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Also, yes, Asian males; with neotenic features, small genitals, and fragile build are pretty much on the bottom of the barrel. White females would rather choose a 80 IQ nappy-haired Black man than go to bed with one of those baby-faced hyperneotenic Asian males. Black females do better with exotic males than Asian males do with exotic females. Nobody wants an Asian male, but this hurts the pride of sorry Asian introverts like Huax and Hacienda. It strikes too close to home for them.

    • batterytrain says:

      I go to this website called Bodybuilding.com since I work out alot, and there is an infamous section of their forum called the “misc” which is pretty famous and seems to trascend into all others places on the internet; they created a lot of iconic phrases like “is this real life?”, “you mirin?” “you jelly?”, “we are all gonna make it brahs”, and it was also this place that popularized Zyzz, I don’t know if you know who that is.

      Anyway there seems to be a lot of hate for Indians almost rivaling and surpassing that of Robert Lindsay and this blog, I was surprised at the brash and outwards racism coming from all groups towards Indians at a mainstream outlet and popular infamous forum and not just the lame occasional crude racial tripes but serious serious hate. If there two groups of people that are picked on and disliked most on the internet, I would say it would be Indians and Asians. Asians get picked on a lot and there are countless threads made by Asians asking if girls in America and the West like them, some proclaiming to have relationships with White girls and they usually get butthurt whenever someone says they can’t get White girls to the point where they start mobbing and attacking people. For instance:


      Also if you have not heard about him but here is the infamous Indian race troll:




      Dota do you know anything about this Indian race troll, he was banned from every forum I went to when I thought that wasn’t even possible?

    • Dota says:

      I’ve never heard of him. But I find the Asian (including south) obsession with white pussy to be rather annoying. Especially since it blinds these idiots to the beautiful women of other races. And the last thing we need is to feed the white woman’s narcissism which is already inflated thanks to feminism.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      And the last thing we need is to feed the white woman’s narcissism which is already inflated thanks to feminism.

      That’s interesting. Atheist Indian once made a remark on Robert’s blog to the effect that white American women who travel to Eastern European countries are humbled on account of not being treated like hot shit, as they are normally accustomed.

      However, white women who travel to places like India have their egos skyrocket due to the desi worship of white pussy.

  7. Eren Jäger says:

    A lot of White Nationalists think that East Asians are an OK race with high acheivements. However, this is not the case. Anyone who has ever lived near Asians know that the majority of them are rude, greedy, crafty, compulsive liars, and how much they complain about “racism” directed towards them. East Asians are not compatible with Anglo-culture, their phenotype is drastically different from ours, except for maybe skin colour. Whites are tall, wavy-or curly-haired, we have large reproductive organs, we are narrow-skulled and lack an epicanthic fold. We are gerantomorphic, robust, and generally pleasant to look at. East Asians are broad-skulled, with a disproportinal head, slanty eyes (epicanthic folds), needle straight hair, small genitals and breasts, and small, frail stature. They also lack a strong sex drive, and Western culture is all about getting laid. We as Westerners have fun, party, get drunk, cuss, fuck, and socialize 24/7. This goes for Blacks, Whites, and Hispanics. Asians are extremely anti-social, they do not cuss, they will not have fun, and they do not like having sex, except for reproduction. I prefer Blacks and Mexicans to Asians. Most White people do as well, for the exact same reasons. We need to regulate the import of Asians, and we can do this without much controversy. After all, Whites do not feel White Guilt towards Asians, and non-Whites see Asians as oppressors. No one will care if Asians scream “racism.”

    • Sandy says:

      Coward you are very rude, you yourself claim that don’t have social life yet you bash a race that is supposed as a whole by you as being anti-social, clearly something is wrong with you, every person deserves respect no matter their looks (if they are gorgeous or not) or personality (if they are extrovert or not).

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Sandy, I don’t ask you to respect me. I do not respect myself. So do not ask me to respect Asians. At least I had the decency to avoid calling them “chink” or “gook”, my mentor Xera did not give the Mongoloids even that honour. Anyways, this is MY country, called the United States of A, and my White ancestors built it. I deserve an opinion on who gets to stay in a land that my genetic donors built. I am not being “racist”, I really do not mind Blacks that much, the smart ones are OK. I just feel that East Asians are not compatible with White culture.
        It is true that I do not have a social life. However, that is because people at school AVOID me, hate me, and find it unpleasant to be in my company. However, I WANT a social life. East Asians do not socialize by choice. An active social life is offensive to their loner culture. That is why East Asian culture (and undesirable phenotype) is not compatible with Anglo culture.
        Sandy, I know you are ale, Naruto. Quit posting under different names and pretending to be various women.

      • Sandy says:

        lol no, i do have proof who i am, i even have a YouTube channel, this is me in my latest video 😉

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Naruto, so you ARE a girl! You look attractive, you go! I always liked Latina girls, the great thing about Latinas is, they are sumbissive to White males, and while no White girl wants to touch a loser like me, Latina women will date me because I am White. They do not care if I am a loser, only that I am White. My girlfriend in 4th grade was from Honduras, and two of my girlfriends in 6th grade were Latinas; one was from Peru, and the other was a sweet Mexican belle (a contradiction). I have only had 5 girlfriends up to now, and 4 were Latina, one was White, but she broke up with me after a week in 7th grade.
        I always knew you were female, your style of writing was not male. And you even went through the trouble of fabricating a circumscicion and phimosis! LOL!

      • Sandy says:

        nope, commenters Naruto or Ale are different people, that is what i am trying to say, i have always posted as Sandy : P

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Eres muy bonita! Not that a manosphere sympathizer like me is trying to supplicate or suck up to you, haha.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Sandy, your style of writing is exactly the same as Naruto. The way you address me is even the same, and you are both living in Mexico. I know you are Naruto, and Naruto always sounded like a female, I could tell by the way she wrote. Tiny details such as which words you capitalize, how your paragraphs are formatted, whether you use “because of” instead of “for”, and how often in your sentences “the” follows “did” can all give away your cyber-identity. I’m no master at this, but you cannot fool me.

      • Sandy says:

        Bay Area Guy: thanks 😉 ,Coward: many Mexicans in Mexico struggle with those mistakes 😉

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Whatever Sandy, you are cute nontheless. I only wish I was of legal age……..

    • RunswithScissors says:

      While I think that Asians who are already in North America should be accepted as our fellow citizens (if they are willing to assimilate to North America culture), I also think you’re spot on with this comment, Eren.

      Asians, in my experience, are most unwilling, most unable to adapt to Euro-American culture. You’re completely correct when you say that don’t or perhaps can’t have fun, party, get drunk,etc.

      For the most part.

      There are many who do and can. But they are the minority.

      The majority of Asians assimilate quite well into the workforce of America and Canada, but don’t blend well into the fabric of these societies.

      And often in my experience, they are repulsed at doing so. Petulant even. They look down on Whites partying, socializing, getting drunk…making merry in other words.

      They’re not soulless, but boy are they bland.

      I’ve lived around them my entire life and it has been pretty bad for my social life.

      You can’t express yourself. Individuality and personality is branded as eccentric and clownish, so you have to keep your head down. And keep working. And working. And then have children. And make them work. And work. And work. And then you die.

      Asians come from a culture that doesn’t appreciate life and joy nearly as much as it appreciates order.

      But you don’t need a rigid, repressive boring culture to have an orderly society.

      This is why the West is the Best.

      Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

      Muricans are idiots. But Jefferson was a genius.

      • Sandy says:

        I am a mexican woman, i have live in Asia many time and you clearly don’t know how much they can love to get drunk, specially Koreans, maybe they are shy with Whites. Read this blog about korean popular culture to know more about it.


      • Eren Jäger says:

        Well Sandy, I am a 13 year old and I have never been out of the East Coast. I can’t exactly say that I have a broad personal experience with Asians of various nationalities.
        What I can say is, I just do not feel that your average Asian-American is compatible with traditional and progressive Anglo culture. Blacks culturally integrate well after the 1st generation, and Hispanics after the 2nd generation, but Asians can take 3 or 4 gens before they start getting laid. Even then, they get the leftover slop, and women regularly cheat on them. The Korean guy at VT shot all those innocent White kids because his girlfriend cheated on him. If you thought nerdy Whites were insecure, wait till you meet shutin Asians. That is spree killer material right there.

      • batterytrain says:

        Wow! I learned a lot today!! BTW I thought the Virginia tech guy was a virgin who couldn’t get laid and got no attention from any females, let alone males contributing to his shooting spree and video taping himself?

        I remember reading for the first time the “game” by Neil Strauss and how he mentioned that the virginity of the Virginia tech shooter was one of the reasons why he went on a shooting spree, at least sexual frustration was one of the issues with these shooters. Reading that book was a huge roller coaster ride that made me discover the HBD-Roissy-Roosh-Sailer sphere btw.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Batterytrain, Koreans hold the world record for two of the deadliest spree killings in history. I think Genghis Khan should have recruited some psycho Koreans to march ahead of them in battle. Then again, Koreans descend from Mongols approx. 5,500 YBP. Maybe Mongols did get their rage from their Asian side after all……..LOL.

    • mixedraced says:

      Zheng He’s great-great-great-great grandfather was persian, his father wasn’t.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      I must say, Axum, you are a much better debator than I. Must be the difference in age. I doubt you would do as good against an adult WN, however.
      I never said that Zheng He was half Persian, but he still had Persian ancestry nontheless. I am only saying that it is interesting how no pureblood Mongoloids ever acheive greatness, and modern Asians do not count, since they are using the help of economic systems and technology which Whites created. The Shang Chinese were the first Chinese Dynasty, and they were pureblood Southern Mongoloids. Despite being technologically advanced, they were conquered by barbarian Zhou, who had about 15% White admixture. The Zhou were conquered by the Qin, 20% White. Qin Emperor Shi Huangdi is described as a tall blue-eyed bearded man in Chinese court records. I could go on and on. Whites are simply more capable than Asians, and Asians do not want to admit it.

    • mixedraced says:

      Compare the greatest caucasoid and mongoloid empire in ancient times: Rome & the Mongolian Empire

      The Romans expanded their empire when most of the peoples to their north and south were barbarians (the Gauls, Germanics, etc). The only relative threats to them in its early years were the declining Greek states, and the Carthaginian empire which it defeated because of a nervous general. Most of the lands the Romans conquered were populated largely by disorganized, disunited, tribal and less capable peoples. In the later years of the empire of the empire when it does discover another equal, the Sassanians, both empires remain in a constant costly stalemate until the Arab invasions.

      The Mongols on the other hand developed their empire during a period when most of the old world landmass was occupied by other advanced civilizations/states. They did this by using their own independently developed tactics/strategies and inventions, creating new advanced administrative systems which managed to control and keep in check peoples of many ethnicities and religions for centuries and by merging/amalgamating their culture with those of the peoplesthey conquered. However unlike the Romans the Mongols were an isolated tribal people, despite being so close to China which purposely tried to divide itself from the mongols by banning trade and using the Great Wall. Marco Polo wouldn’t of reached China if there wasn’t a Mongol Peace period.

    • mixedraced says:

      Eren, the ancient chinese weren’t 20% anything they were just Chinese. Also i gave you a list of prominent pure mongoloids past and present. You can’t say that every great chinaman was part caucasian because it doesn’t make sense.

    • mixedraced says:

      The east asians need to use western ideas, methods, etc if they want to catch up with them. They’ve done a whole lot better with western technology than westerners.

    • mixedraced says:

      @ Eren

      Those ancient made-by-whites pyramids in China you talk about couldn’t of been built by whites because they’re only at most 2,000 years old.

    • Eren Jäger says:

      Pyramids? What pyramids? There are Chinese pyramids?

  8. RunswithScissors says:

    Yah, well, Sandy after a life time of them looking down on me for doing so and ostracizing me for such, I really don’t care how much they are willing to tolerate such joviality amongst themselves.

    You’re partially correct though, Koreans do drink much more than other Asians. They are also ethnocentric to the point of chauvinism.

    • Dota says:

      Have you ever hung out with South Asians? Now there’s a people that can’t stomach an alternate point of view. If you want to be admitted into a group, you must adopt the group’s preferences and prejudices.

      • Eren Jäger says:

        Yeah, I do not mind hanging with folks with different opinions, but I cannot stand people who are openly fanatic. I am a WN myself, but I do not tell my friends “Niggers are faggots” or anything radical of that sort. I even sit with some Blacks at lunch, and even say “nigga” around them, but they are racist towards Whites, and I am a WN. Still, associating with them is not a problem for me, as I do anything to save my dying social life anyways.
        Honestly, I wouldn’t even mind hanging out with Huax if he was a fun guy. Idk about Hacienda, he seems like an unstable guy, and I do not want to end up duct taped in a Korean basement.
        Koreans are the Whitest (behaviorally) of all Asians. The Japanese do not count, they have significant Ainu blood, which makes them part-Australoid and Proto-Mongoloid. By Asian I am referring to Neo-Mongoloids of 90%+ Asian ancestry, so Mongols are out as well. Anyways, from what I have heard, Koreans socialize, are outgoing, like to fuck, smoke weed, go to parties, fight, and sleep late at night. Sounds pretty White like to me.

      • batterytrain says:

        I have heard that Koreans have an inferiority complex due to being conquered and owned by neighbors such as China, Japan, the Mongols, Americans constantly throughout history, like getting steamrolled on the regular. So maybe they just want to be something else desperately because of this.

        I have read that the Japanese are supposedly “the whitest” of all the Asians because they have pseudo-Caucasian looking traits and that austroloid+Mongoloid produces a phenotype that is pseudo-Caucasian. You can see this in the Samurai and various general classes. One British colonel remarked that if there was any non-European country resembling Britain, it was Japan. Plus they also had their own empire and allied themselves with the Germans.

  9. whatever says:

    To the blog owner:

    You’re an idiot. Italy and Rome are not an “ethnicity” , they’re nations at different times. The people in Italy are the direct descendents of the people who lived in the Roman Empire republic–which was a virtual melting pot of ethnic Greeks, Romans, Persians, Moors, etc. The modern idea of “race” is a fantasy invented by WASP types to justify their right to steal stuff from/exploit brown natives. Even Germans weren’t considered “white” in the Middle Ages.

    I know of the arrogance and idiocy of people like you, who dump your shitty attitude on children–yeah, that’s right, small children who don’t “look white” but you’ve all sorts of assumptions about us. (For more see any racist tract about eugenics).

    Well, guess what? You’re not being subtle. We always know. Well, actually we vaguely wonder why that otherwise nice man is acting weird around us. It takes literally years for us to realize it’s because were slightly tan. Newsflash nimrod, we’re not actually “people of color”. Only a person using a skin-tone-measurement as a character test would mistake us for black or “mixed”, or WHATEVER.

    Another brainwave: at the end of the day, who our ancestors are is none of your goddamned business.

    You’re probably wondering with your two braincells where all this rage comes from. Well, see, because of imbeciles like you, the few times I’ve felt in FEAR FOR MY LIFE have been from people who assumed I was black/or “something” based on similar non-reasonings. Anyone paying attention can tell I’m a nerd with a strong anglophile streak.
    Alas, those two officers were not paying attention.
    Alas, they both have permanent marks of their records for racist based stupidity.

    So keep spreading your bullshit, but be aware: we are out there. We really are ethnically European, even if you can’t see it. We’re also really anti racist, because we know exactly what you think of us when you assume we’re Black, Hispanic, Paki, whatever. Think of us as “ninja white people”, here to keep you honest. Because, since we don’t identify as “people of color”, we are SO not afraid to call your bullshit out to your face in public. You really just look like a normal person to us. Well, you know, except for the racism.

    -signed, of European descent, but not “white”. Deal with it.

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