Comments policy

  1. As bloggers dedicated to the exchange of ideas, we frown upon ad hominem attacks. We all have our issues in life, none of which are relevant here. If you disagree with something that either we or your fellow commenters said, then attack the argument, not the person. We’re hardly advocating sensitivity or anything of the sort, but there’s a difference between saying “what you said sounded really dumb” versus “you’re a dumbass!” Obviously, it’s not black and white, and due to the nature of the internet, it’s inevitable that a certain degree of hostility between commenters will prevail. However, persistent personal insults will result in warnings, and if those warnings aren’t heeded, then a ban. We want debate, not bickering. Disruptive comments will be deleted with a warning. Repeated violations will result in a ban.
  1. To add on to the above, any personal attacks against us will earn commenters a first and final warning, with failure to comply resulting in a ban. Ditto for commenters who display a consistently hostile tone towards us. We’re hardly thin-skinned. Rather, we recognize that those who make personal attacks against us are not commenting in good faith and are more interested in starting a fight than engaging us in a conversation.
  1. There are few things that we despise more than trolls. If you have nothing of substance to contribute, consistently spam the same arguments, and serve no purpose other than to rile up other commenters and derail discussions, then you will be shown the door. Disagreement and spirited discussion are encouraged, but we can distinguish between disagreement versus trolling.
  1. This should go without saying, but do not advocate any kind of violent or unlawful actions. For example, though we are critical of Jewry, comments along the lines of “kill the Jews!” will be censored. Our mission is to espouse pro-Western, old-fashioned conservative views. We do not want nor need fanatical commenters providing fodder to the legions of self-righteous liberals. The powers that be have already rendered our beliefs taboo. We don’t want to enable them in this regard.
  1. Please refrain from all caps. NOBODY LIKES BEING YELLED AT. An all cap word here or there is fine, though we would prefer that you italicize or bold your words. <i> </i> for italicize, <b> </b> for bold, <blockquote> </blockquote> for blockquote, etc. However, if your writing starts to look like that of some petulant feminist over at Jezebel, then you will be politely admonished.
  1. Borrowing a page from our friend Robert Lindsay, if you do run afoul of our rules early on and are subjected to a ban, you may appeal the ban. We will then discuss whether or not to reinstate you. We understand that the internet can bring out the worst impulses in people at times, and are therefore willing to give commenters another chance. However, that will be the first and final chance. Failure to abide by the rules the second time around will result in a permanent ban.

7.   No sockpuppets. If you have a name, stick with it.

In general, our comments policy is designed to ensure productive and respectful discussion. We aren’t strict about profanity, slurs, or other vulgar and inappropriate language. All we ask is that you bring something to the table and not drag our blog into a quagmire of flame wars and trolling. We aren’t stringent, but we also won’t suffer fools.

Otherwise, comment away! We’re interested in your insight, whether you come as a friend or a foe.

2 Responses to Comments policy

  1. Great comments policy BAG, Dota. Hopefully this will keep the trolls off this site. Robert Lindsay’s blog used to be like this, but due to a weakness in Robert’s comments policy, a lot of Hindutva and Afrocentrist trolls bombarded his site.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Essentially, our comments policy is going to try to combine the best of both worlds. We’re going to be very lenient with regards to ideology and language. People will not be censored or banned for espousing certain beliefs or using inappropriate words.

      However, we will not tolerate flame wars, derailment, or petty bickering. Hindutva spammers will certainly be brought to heel.

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