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A few more thoughts on globalisation’s end game

Bay Area Guy’s last post raised several interesting points on the pernicious effects of globalisation and I thought I’d add a few more. Despite flowery rhetoric about tolerance and global prosperity, globalization’s end game is essentially globalism, the unhindered movement of … Continue reading

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Where do we stand regarding freedom of speech?

Most of us are aware on some level that societal values invariably shape a nation’s legislature and also determine how legislature is interpreted and enforced. Many look to their governments as the guarantor for free speech without understanding the nature … Continue reading

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Alt Left Election Roundtable

Yesterday, I joined Robert Stark, Rabbit, Alex von Goldstein, and Ryan Englund to discuss the ramifications of Donald Trump’s wild and (mostly) unpredictable victory. Listen here. As always, it’s a great honor and privilege to appear on Robert Stark’s program, … Continue reading

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Yay for Abe

Courtesy of Dean Baker, one of my favorite economists, I read this interesting article about Shinzo Abe’s stimulus plan in Japan. It turns out that, contrary to the assertion of venal hacks like Fareed Zakaria, the Abe government’s intervention in the … Continue reading

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Responding To Comments Regarding My White Majority Post

I got a lot of flack for my last post, and I feel that it is time to clear the air of certain misconceptions that have been flying around since the post was published. Tulio writes: I tend to agree … Continue reading

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2016 Wackiness and Analysis Paralysis

Hey there, faithful readers! I know that I’ve been rather neglectful of the blog lately, for which I apologize. There’s just been so many crazy stories, imbroglios, upheavals, and brutal (but sadly not surprising) acts of violence that I’ve been plagued … Continue reading

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The Mainstream Media Versus Humility

In case you missed it, Lyin’ Ted and John Kasich – the prickly, delusional governor of Ohio who doesn’t even warrant an insulting nickname – have both dropped out of the presidential race. Barring any insane convention shenanigans in Cleveland, the GOP elders will have … Continue reading

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Robert Stark, Rabbit, and Economics

Not too long ago, I was once again interviewed by Robert Stark; this time, we were also joined by Rabbit of AltLeft. Our discussion primarily revolved around economic issues, but we also covered other topics. Listen here: Robert Stark interviews … Continue reading

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Follow me on Alternative Right

On account of WordPress vexing me, I have not been uploading posts that don’t involve simple book reviews. However, I have certainly not been idle. Recently, I became a contributor to Alternative Right, and have already written a couple of posts for the site. … Continue reading

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My Latest Interview With Robert Stark

Listen to it here. I’ve always enjoyed conversing with Robert Stark, and this latest interview was no exception. We covered more ground than usual, and our conversation mainly revolved around ideological flexibility and the potential of a radical center. We also discussed the … Continue reading

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