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Tony Soprano Versus the Health Insurance Mafia

As you all know, the FIRE economy – short for finance, insurance, and real estate – has been my latest hobby horse. Rest assured, I will not completely abandon race, immigration, and other topics that put Occident Invicta on the map. … Continue reading

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White Elites and Crisis Management

In honor of the second anniversary of my post “The True Global Minority,” I have decided to take a break from political economy and go back to writing about race and immigration. The catalyst for this post was Steve Sailer over at The … Continue reading

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Daenerys and the Donald

Though I’ve never mentioned it before, I enjoy A Song of Ice and Fire novels, as well as the show they’ve spawned. While the HBO series (now in its sixth season) has greatly diverged from the books, I don’t really mind. After books 1-3, the … Continue reading

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