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Globalization and Designated Shitting Streets

During one of our conversations about globalism, Dota told me that globalization’s ultimate aim is to turn the planet into a big sweatshop. So far, globalists have been remarkably successful at bringing their vision to fruition. Thanks to their efforts, … Continue reading

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Alt Left Election Roundtable

Yesterday, I joined Robert Stark, Rabbit, Alex von Goldstein, and Ryan Englund to discuss the ramifications of Donald Trump’s wild and (mostly) unpredictable victory. Listen here. As always, it’s a great honor and privilege to appear on Robert Stark’s program, … Continue reading

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Ice Cream, Hitler Worship, and Western Liberals’ Cluelessness About the Non-White World

A few days ago, ice cream merchants in Robert Lindsay’s favorite punching bag, India, inspired outrage when they launched a new brand of ice cream cones bearing Hitler’s name and image. The good white liberals of Germany, in a display … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Shitlords Fat Shame Oppressed Woman!

I found this amusing story from Hong Kong that I thought I’d share with you all. Just like multiculturalism and feminism, fat acceptance doesn’t seem to fly in Asia. Of course, I don’t endorse authorities randomly detaining fat women; nevertheless, this … Continue reading

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No Two Feminists Are Alike

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All kinds of privilege must be opposed!

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An Edifying Conversation With a “Woman of Color”

Not too long ago, I had dinner with an old friend of the family who happens to be a 2nd generation Chinese American woman. While it’s not my intent to turn this blog into a soapbox for me to discuss … Continue reading

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Feminist logic 101

You just can’t argue with that logic.

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The Folly of Exporting Liberalism: A Humble Appeal to End the White Man’s Burden

Veteran readers likely recall Dota’s excellent article on the folly of exporting democracy to the non-white world. I’m going to expand on that sentiment and suggest that the white West is also foolish to export liberalism to countries with entrenched … Continue reading

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This is Sober Privilege

“Privilege.” Such a term is gratuitously employed by virtually everyone on the left, from tumblr social justice warriors to troglodytes like Lindy West. Speaking of which, remember my post about West’s childish, hangover induced behavior on an airplane? I recall … Continue reading

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