As this blog’s readers – if there are still any left – have undoubtedly noticed, Occident Invicta has been inactive for months. It’s with great sadness that I must inform people that this has nothing to do with indolence. Instead, we are shutting the blog down. There are myriad reasons for our decision: Dota’s real world commitments, my growing interest in political economy over Alt Right topics, and other factors. But regardless, this site will cease to exist.

Just know that I haven’t called it quits. I continue to write (where and under what name, only a select and trusted few know), and I intend to start a Youtube channel where I – and most likely Dota as well – will do podcasts. One way or another, the spirit of Occident Invicta will live on.

Anyway, it was a great run, but all good things must come to an end. I appreciate everyone who left interesting, insightful, and witty comments. I even thank trolls and morons for their dubious contributions. If nothing else, they were either amusing or forced me to hone my debating skills. I also want to thank Robert Stark, Rabbit, Alex von Goldstein, Pilleater, Colin Liddell, Andy Nowicki, and anyone else who exposed our writings to larger audiences; they have our enduring respect.

In conclusion, it was great getting to know you all. Fortunately, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing us again. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Farewell

  1. Christopher says:

    I was wondering where you guys had gone!

    Been a pleasure coming on this site for the past 4 years. Only made myself known and started commenting in the last few months though. Mainly because I didn’t feel I could add anything.

    The Alt-right really does need to focus more on economics. An economic progressive movement that upholds culturally conservative voters could be a real force among the working class and lower-middle class. Unfortunately such a combination is very rare among the politically class but as they say, real change comes from the bottom up.

    Keep up the good work BAG.

  2. Oscar C. says:

    I arrived a bit late to the blog and I am certainly sad to see it go, but that’s how life is.

    Many thanks Bay Area Guy for your insights all these years. I stumbled upon the Alt-Right around 2015 before the big Trump breakthrough and soon thereafter I also found the alt-left subsection, which is the one I agree the most with. I closely followed the 2016 election from Europe and I can say that there is a great deal of talent among many bloggers such as yourself.

    Good luck with your future endeavours.

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