Globalization and Designated Shitting Streets

Kurt Ho, 58, a systems administrator at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) poses for a photo with some of the 49 IT workers laid off by UCSF in San Francisco

During one of our conversations about globalism, Dota told me that globalization’s ultimate aim is to turn the planet into a big sweatshop. So far, globalists have been remarkably successful at bringing their vision to fruition. Thanks to their efforts, everyone aside from a minority of protected professionals is now expendable. Even tech employees (especially tech employees?) are vulnerable to globalization’s insatiable thirst for cheap labor. Just take UCSF’s decision to outsource 49 of its IT jobs to India – the first time a public California university has outsourced jobs in such a manner. Oh well, I guess these laid off IT workers can always engage in “job retraining.”

Sarcasm aside, it’s important to note that these displaced workers did everything right. They educated themselves, acquired “skills,” and loyally served UCSF for years; yet none of that saved them when the university decided to save a buck. Therefore, whenever I hear some neoliberal meritocrat wax eloquent about the importance of education and claim that economically distressed people just need to learn coding, I roll my eyes.

As I pointed out during my last interview with Robert Stark, the US’s population is over 300 million people. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of millions of bright and hard-working people around the world, so the math simply doesn’t bode well for American workers. Ha-Joon Chang is correct when he insists that without immigration control and similar restrictions, 80-90% of all workers in 1st world countries could be – and would be – replaced by cheaper foreigners. You simply can’t win in a race to the bottom against Pajeet the open defecator.


Globalization: Making the World One Designated Shitting Street

Of course, the usual bootstrapping tough lovers dismiss these concerns. Shit happens (literally!), grab a helmet. If you can’t compete, then find a new hustle; or simply bite the bullet and accept lower wages.

Sure, I guess one can always endure privation and make sacrifices to remain competitive. However, thanks to notions of American exceptionalism, people are understandably angry when elites expect them to toil in order to compete against 3rd world peasants. After all, are we not the wealthiest nation in the history of the world? Isn’t our collective standard of living supposed to keep rising? Therefore, why should we be measured against people compelled to work 16 hour days for a pittance?

We obviously shouldn’t, but then again, only fools believe in American exceptionalism. Over the past few decades, this country’s only “exceptional” endeavor has been to transform the planet into one borderless, designated shitting street. Watch your step accordingly.

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2 Responses to Globalization and Designated Shitting Streets

  1. Helmut Schmidt says:

    Don’t buy into this fantasy. The cabal of giant international capitalists do not need the vast majority of humans and they would prefer all of them dead. Using capitalist mythology to promote global revolution has been a tried and true game going back to glory days of the British Empire that did the same thing, destroying the industry of Britain in order to turn London into the first seat of global empire.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      The cabal of giant international capitalists do not need the vast majority of humans and they would prefer all of them dead.

      Well, I wouldn’t go that far. I do agree, however, that corporate capitalists by and large care little for human life, and many would harvest babies for profit if they weren’t concerned about bad publicity.

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