Refugees and White South Africans

For years, I have extensively discussed race, diversity, and immigration. However, this is my first time writing about whites in South Africa (or any part of Africa), who are increasingly beleaguered. On account of government proposals to confiscate white-owned land and redistribute the seized land to black South Africans, various white nationalists have rallied behind their white African brothers. Many even assert that white South Africans face an impending genocide.

To be blunt, while I remain a reasonably tribal white person who’s concerned about my people, I don’t really care too much about white South Africans. For starters, I’m primarily focused on the well-being of white people in North America (where I reside) and Europe (my ancestral homelands). Also, given what I’ve written about immigration, landlordism, and economic rent, it’s hard to feel an abundance of sympathy for Afrikaners. While I can relate to white South Africans under siege, I also empathize with blacks who claim that whites are living off of ill-gotten land rent.

Of course, many would point out that white Americans also settled and conquered their way to prosperity. Afrikaners might even claim that the only difference between them and white Americans is that the former didn’t exterminate or ethnically cleanse the native populations, which is why they remain a minority. So who are we to judge?

Just to clarify, I’m not judging; I’m only being consistent. If we refuse to shed tears over the struggles of non-whites who choose to reside in white countries, then we can’t hypocritically champion white South Africans who carved out territory in black Africa. Likewise, if whites in the US, Canada, and Australia foolishly allow themselves to become politically powerless and hated minorities, then they won’t deserve much sympathy either. The world is a mean and tribal place, and if groups relinquish power in lands they previously settled and conquered, nobody will save them from themselves.

Fortunately, I think there’s a pragmatic and humane solution that could benefit everyone. If white South Africans’ situation is indeed as dire as white nationalists contend, then they might be rendered refugees. In that case, they should flee to their ancestral homelands in Europe, or perhaps other majority white countries These nations would receive a demographic boost, along with relatively educated and skilled workers. In turn, African refugees who’ve flocked to Europe can take the Afrikaners’ place down south. Since conventional wisdom dictates that immigration is an unalloyed good, South Africa would benefit from more workers and cultural enrichment – along with ridding themselves of the white problem. Never mind that there’s already been immigration from Zimbabwe and other African countries, and that this influx has engendered friction and violence. Black South Africans just need to appreciate diversity’s wonders!

Okay, sarcasm aside, I recognize that this is an unrealistic scenario. I also realize that the process would be painful and messy. Nevertheless, should the day come when white South Africans are compelled to flee, this proposal will remain on the table. 

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2 Responses to Refugees and White South Africans

  1. Gay State Girl says:

    I still have relatives in South Africa, some of whom have so this issue is very close to my heart. Most of the discriminatory policies installed after apartheid take little consideration for one’s personal or family history. The police are all too often indifferent about crimes committed against whites (such was the case with one of my mother’s relatives when their passports were stolen by bank employees.) I have tremendous sympathy for rural afrikaaners who lack the professional skills to secure positions abroad or to semigrate to Cape Town. I am often enraged by the disdainful remarks of South African expats who were able to avoid the backlash by emigrating during the ’90’s.

    While I have little use or respect the alt right in general, I would gladly assign refugee status to African whites.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Most of the discriminatory policies installed after apartheid take little consideration for one’s personal or family history.

      Definitely, and similar dynamics are at work when whites everywhere are assigned collective responsibility and blame. South Africa should certainly serve as a warning for white Americans – later Canadians, Australians, Europeans, etc – who are becoming minorities.

      If nothing else, it would be interesting to see how liberals/leftists react in response to white South Africans seeking asylum.

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