Wahhabism and Globalism

A common cultural leftist trope is that members of “privileged” classes – mainly white men – have no right to critique the foibles and pathologies of oppressed groups. For example, whites who venture to comment on Middle Eastern affairs are often tarred as “orientalists.” Well, at least whites who don’t blame the West for all of the region’s problems.

However, non-whites aren’t immune to such accusations either. Similar to non-white Bernie supporters being magically rendered white, Arabs who run afoul of PC dogmas can become orientalists. Enter Rania Khalek, a non-Muslim Arab American leftist whose trolling of Zionists I once approvingly highlighted. At first glance, it’s difficult to see how a progressive brown woman such as Khalek can be deemed an orientalist; but we should never underestimate the cultural left’s ability to creatively brand someone a bigot!

So what could have possibly been Khalek’s trespass? In a nutshell, she aggressively criticized radical strains of Islam such as Wahhabism and Salafism. Despite taking great pains to distinguish these demented ideologies from Islam as a whole, Khalek was smeared by Twitter tribalists like Khaled Beydoun – Al Jazeera’s resident Critical Race Theorist – as an Islamophobe. This, in conjunction with her controversial views on Syria – where the usual sectarian suspects labeled her an “Assadist” – prompted Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at the University of North Carolina to withdraw her speaking invitation.

(as a disclaimer, I know that the article is biased in favor of Khalek)

Man, if even Rania Khalek can be blacklisted in this fashion, then nobody is safe! I guess when SJWs exhort white people to “listen to POC,” they only want us to heed the tribal ones who adeptly cloak their tribalism with performative liberal rhetoric – something Woke Wahhabis have recently learned. Similar to Hindutvadis channeling multiculturalists to furtively advance their own brand of nationalism, sectarian Sunnis (or their apologists) employ social justice buzzwords to shield their sordid beliefs from criticism.

The great irony is that despite cynically appealing to diversity and tolerance, Wahhabis loathe true diversity. Like neoliberal multiculturalism, Wahhabism is at its root a globalist ideology. While neoliberals want to render humanity some mish-mash of deracinated consumers and wage slaves, Wahhabis strive to impose their nutty brand of Islam on the entire Muslim world – local cultural traditions be damned. Just observe Saudi Arabia’s attempts to remake Indonesian Islam in its image, along with its other efforts to promulgate Wahhabism.

Like the West, the Muslim world is being victimized by the cancer of globalism, which is yet another reason I don’t traffic in anti-Muslim animus. Consequently, I believe that rather than demonizing Muslims, white nationalists should support the Muslim world’s fight against Wahhabi encroachment. Globalism spares no one, and must be forestalled wherever it rears its subversive head.

As I’ve argued before, being a good nationalist means supporting other groups’ sovereignty and self-determination. Therefore, it’s time to treat Wahhabism with the same contempt and hostility usually reserved for neoliberals.

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