Robert Stark and I Discuss Economics

As you all know, I’ve been recently binging on economics. So, like it or not, my latest interview with Robert Stark and Pilleater is no exception! We mainly discuss Dean Baker’s work and other economic issues, but also briefly touch upon politics near the end. For readers who actually read my economics posts, this interview won’t disappoint. For those who couldn’t care less about my economic views, the hell with you! Nah, just kidding; we can’t all have the same passions.

Anyway, I will upload some non-economics posts soon. In the meantime, enjoy the interview.

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3 Responses to Robert Stark and I Discuss Economics

  1. Helmut Schmidt says:

    I hope you can move beyond Michael Hudson. His work is instrumental in understanding how USD hegemony has been used for fun and profit, but the alternative he and many others propose is far from ideal.

    Every day now, we are moving closer to ending USD hegemony and replacing with the kind of system that the UN was specifically created for in 1944. Yesterday, the Treasury Secretary is on record discussing how to solve the balance of payments issue (the national debt) and the high value of the dollar. The solution, which can be found within several IMF papers, is for redenomination of all national debts with an IMF unit of account, likely special drawing rights.

    It is important to understand that before the world went nuts about racism and everything else, especially about Nazis, everyone at the first UN conference decided the reason for Germany and Japan waging war was their dependence on manufactured exports for raw materials and food and the competitive currency devaluation they could engage in to make their exports more competitive.

    Of course, the question is who should control those exchange rates? In those days, it was the British Empire and London. The future international reserve currency will in time look a lot like Keynes’ Bancor, which was the popular and elegant solution presented at the first UN conference. We didn’t get that, but that’s another story (The Battle of Bretton Woods is essential reading, even if the Peterson Institute is the archi villain of globalism).

    No one associated vaguely with the “alt right” is talking about this stuff. It is not a coincidence that this nascent movement has been dragged into fantasy land with all the spectacles. it keeps us distracted from what is really happening.

  2. Gay State Girl says:

    Gay Area Guy

    Are your around?

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Yeah, I’m here; just uploaded a post actually. You know how I can get writer’s block from time to time!

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