Never apologize

Here’s a picture from an Islamic magazine I recently came across. Study it well.


The Muslims never apologize for their beliefs. The question is, what do the vast majority of non-religious westerners actually believe in? “Tolerance”, “Multiculturalism”, and “Gender equality” are slogans and not beliefs. Social justice lunatics, however, believe in these slogans as passionately as Muslims revere Islam. When these lunatics speak about feminism and diversity, it isn’t from a position of rationality or empiricism, but religious fervor. Nobody expects feminists to prove that “rape culture” exists no more than anyone expects rational proof that diversity contributes anything meaningful to society. These loony doctrines are uttered as articles of faith and society embraces them as such.

I recall a conversation with my liberal sister years ago where I observed how universities were predominantly liberal. My observation immediately left a sour taste in her mouth. This is because to her mind leftist doctrines are the only sound beliefs/values a person must hold. Left-wing ideology must never be identified as such because that would reduce it to the same level as Conservatism, Christianity, and Nationalism. This is the equivalent of telling a religious Muslim (or Christian – if any still exist) that their religion isn’t the only true religion out there and that other faiths are equally valid.

If we are to win the culture war on the ground level, we must first arm ourselves with faith before engaging our enemies. Jesus said: “For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed,” (Luke 9:26). We have nothing to be ashamed about.

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