Where do we stand regarding freedom of speech?

Most of us are aware on some level that societal values invariably shape a nation’s legislature and also determine how legislature is interpreted and enforced. Many look to their governments as the guarantor for free speech without understanding the nature of this guarantee. Leftists believe that so long as the state serves this function, free speech exists and the matter is closed. My concern isn’t government, but rather, the society lodged beneath it. Caste based discrimination is illegal in India but still widely practiced. The law insists it is wrong, but India’s laws are an inheritance left behind by a far superior civilization. These laws are largely ignored simply because Indian society (an oxymoron) remains indifferent. Free speech became enshrined in Western legislature primarily because individual freedom was perceived as being one of Western civilization’s defining values. These values originated in Western societies, and not in their governments.

This line of thought should guide our inquiry into the status of free speech in the modern west. The question we should ask is not how governments are (or aren’t) nurturing free speech, but rather how is society performing this function. If free speech isn’t tolerated by society, then it exists on borrowed time. Liberals have nothing to fear as their worldview is now the dominant paradigm in western culture. If an individual’s views align with liberal thinking then they have little to fear. They will be lauded as being ‘brave’ and ‘progressive’ even when such views are as mainstream as apple pie.

Those who voice opinions that run contrary to liberal/globalist values will eventually realize that the number of avenues available for self expression are rapidly collapsing. Thanks to social media, private conversations are seldom private. People are exposed for merely holding contrarian views and often face the prospect of losing their jobs. One cannot express contrarian views at work due to female dominated HR departments. One cannot express one’s views in public lest a butthurt feminist in earshot decides to rally her fellow losers on social media. The alternative right blogger millennial woes was recently outed and hounded for his ‘deviant’ views. Why was it so necessary to unmask this blogger who, in the grand scheme of things, is a nobody? He wasn’t inciting violence nor was he engaging in it himself.

We are gradually heading towards a soft style authoritarianism similar to that of Singapore. Liberals have discovered the power of financially crippling their opponents as an effective tactic in silencing dissent. The Singapore government routinely uses its courts to bankrupt opponents and liberals (ever the enemies of free speech) are routinely engaged in getting dissenters fired from their jobs on behalf of their globalist puppeteers. It matters little if legislature tolerates freedom of speech when individuals in society refuse to honor it on the atomic level. Free speech is rendered an empty slogan when there are no practical avenues available to exercise it.


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