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Just How Fascist Is Donald Trump?

The Occidental Observer has put together a hilarious set of paranoid quotes emanating from establishment mouthpieces that decry the rise of a fascist populist. Some of the usual suspects are experiencing visions of 1938 again. Many ordinary Americans were so … Continue reading

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Alt Left Election Roundtable

Yesterday, I joined Robert Stark, Rabbit, Alex von Goldstein, and Ryan Englund to discuss the ramifications of Donald Trump’s wild and (mostly) unpredictable victory. Listen here. As always, it’s a great honor and privilege to appear on Robert Stark’s program, … Continue reading

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Election Musings

I figured I would be remiss if I didn’t write about tonight’s election, so here goes. I’ll just say that I was a bit surprised. As longtime readers are aware, I’m on record confidently saying that Donald Trump would not win. … Continue reading

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The Empire Has no Clothes

Even as the plight of Syrians continues to make headlines, Yemenis being decimated by Saudi Arabia arouse no sympathy. Well, I shouldn’t say no sympathy. Just recently, liberal interventionist Samantha Power decried Saudi depredations. How noble! Unfortunately, there’s one little problem: America is … Continue reading

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White Elites and Crisis Management

In honor of the second anniversary of my post “The True Global Minority,” I have decided to take a break from political economy and go back to writing about race and immigration. The catalyst for this post was Steve Sailer over at The … Continue reading

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