Responding To Comments Regarding My White Majority Post

I got a lot of flack for my last post, and I feel that it is time to clear the air of certain misconceptions that have been flying around since the post was published.

Tulio writes:

I tend to agree with you. Many Indians do have an inferiority complex, at the Indians that live in the West. I’ve seen it many times.

Misconception 1: I have an inferiority complex

I’ve gotten this hurled at me so many times that it’s time to address this once and for all. I do not have an inferiority complex with regards to whites. I am their equal, morally and intellectually. I firmly reject racism because I sincerely believe in the equality of all men. This is a composite belief that is comprised of several fundamental beliefs, chief amoung which is the existence of God (The Abrahamic God, ie the only true God). We are all equal in His eyes. Genuine racists believe that certain groups are inherently superior or inferior depending on the group’s contribution to civilization over time. I do not share this belief. I believe all people are inherently equal in worth regardless of how much or how little their respective groups have contributed to the pool of human knowledge. This is my personal belief .

Having said this, I don’t believe that all cultures are equal. God created man, but not culture. Culture is man-made and synthetic works vary in quality. Just because we are all equal doesn’t mean that racially diverse groups can live together in some sort of leftist utopia. Racially diverse societies will only endure within the cultural hegemony of one dominant group. Certain cultural values are so alien to others such that forcing diverse groups who practice these cultures to reside in close proximity constitutes an act of cruelty. Respecting borders is about respecting culture. The act of erecting a border sends a clear message to one’s neighbours that they are free to practice their way of life in their corner of the world, free from persecution and judgement, just as one is entitled to the same prerogatives within one’s own borders.

Misconception 2: Whites are inherently special

I don’t think there is anything in white people’s nature that is also not present in other groups.

I never said that whites were somehow special on account of their genetics or nature. I’ve always stated that Western culture is unique and ought to be preserved. The only way this can be done is to ensure that they remain a majority in their own nations. If you wish for America and Canada to continue being great, then it is logical to ensure that the people who created these nations continue running them. Why is this view so outlandish? If China is to remain Chinese, then shouldn’t the Chinese be the majority there? So why can’t whites be a majority in the US and Canada?

Misconception 3: Non-whites are incapable of altruism

All groups are capable of both hospitality and savagery if the conditions are right. I think Dota is really overgeneralizing. There are many parts of the third world where one will be treated with the utmost hospitality and some will will give you the shirt off their back.

I never said that non-whites were completely devoid of altruistic instincts. I have seen individual acts of kindness in South and South East Asia, and even the Middle East. The point I was trying to make is that Western society is humane. The compassion one encounters in the West is collectively organized. You won’t see things like homeless shelters and soup kitchens in non western countries. You’ll never see an Indian or Chinese equivalent of the YMCA and other organizations that exist solely to improve quality of life. This is insaniyat on a scale that is unimaginable in the non-western world.

The second point I wish to make is that while while many non-westerners are kind and hospitable to tourists, how hospitable would they be if those tourists remained and became citizens? I’ve read numerous accounts by Black tourists who have spoken glowingly about Korean courtesy. How courteous would these Koreans be if blacks were 20% of their population? How would they react when Blacks made a move on their women?

Bay Area Guy is essentially correct when he says that kindness to tourists comes easily since they are merely passing through. The US and Canada allow non-whites to settle in their nations and even grant them access to their highest institutions. Yet despite these gestures, they get nothing but grievance mongering and endless whining from minorities.

Misconception 4: White values will survive white extinction

Also many non-whites born and raised in America have the same sort of outlook on hospitality and civility that whites do.

What Tulio writes is true, but he underestimates the power of tribalism on non-whites and I don’t blame him. Liberalism provides a most effective cover for tribalism as the Jews have demonstrated and as non-whites have themselves discovered. It allows them to cloak their group interests under universalist terms like “egalitarianism” and “tolerance” knowing fully well the effect that moral universalism has on whites. The true test of a group’s liberalism lies in how they behave not when they are a minority, but when they are a majority. So while the Jew and Indian eloquently argue for tolerance and inclusion in North America, they seldom practice those virtues in India and Israel where they are in charge.

Tulio also fails to realize that democracy and and tribalism are incompatible on the most fundamental level. That tribal interests reduce democracy to nothing but vote bank politics. It is completely ludicrous to think that Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Blacks, and Hispanics will somehow see beyond their racial identities and embrace each other as fellow Americans. Hell, every university in North America has a plethora of ethnic and religious associations that that reflect the demographic composition of their student body.

Would Indians, who so fiercely resist affirmative action favouring Dalits back home, somehow show blacks more compassion? Would Hispanics overlook racial identity when fiercely competing with blacks for blue collar jobs? A racially diverse America where groups compete fiercely for scarce resources (thanks to a declining economy) will not produce a very humane society. This has been said before but it needs to be said again: A first world nation cannot be sustained by a third world population.




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8 Responses to Responding To Comments Regarding My White Majority Post

  1. Mawlana87 says:

    “You won’t see things like homeless shelters and soup kitchens in non western countries.”

    This is utter BS. In the Islamic world people tend to give “khairaat” to the people all the time. When somebody dies their relatives use to sacrifice animals in order to share it with those in need. When you go to a restaurant the leftovers instead of being dumped are given to the poor people. And so on.
    There is a strong social structure when it comes to helping other people in the Islamic world. Since our states are weak, our societies tend to be strong in order to fill the gap (much stronger than Western societies). You are being either ignorant or intellectually dishonest now.

    “I do not have an inferiority complex with regards to whites.”

    You do have an inferiority complex regarding white people. You are always praising their positive things (I praise them too) but you always take an apologetic stance when it comes to their shortcomings.

    I do agree with you over many things: Western civilization is much more sophisticated and humanist than the rest of the civilizations. White people should remain as the dominant group in Western countries. West has made huge contributions for the wellbeing of human beings and we should be thankful to them for that. Non Whites are not a threat to Western civilization. Westerners themselves are the biggest threat to their own civilization. Most of them are weak, effeminate and cowards. They are too individualist and selfish. They don’t give a crap about their facility, society, religion or country. All their life is about having fun and partying.

    The thing is, Dota, you are always excusing Westerners for their dark side (Western supremacism, Western arrogance, Western double standards, Western Imperialism, Western cultural imperialism, etc). You got that typical Desi inferiority complex but you are just not aware of it yet.

    • Dota says:

      This is utter BS. In the Islamic world people tend to give “khairaat” to the people all the time.

      I lived in Dubai for 10 years, and I’ve visited Saudi Arabia numerous times for umrah during the more religious days of my youth. I have not seen any real charity in these places. Sure, during Eid the Arabs open up their villas and distribute food to the needy, but after Eid is done, so is their charity. One of Islam’s flaws is that it ritualizes ethics.The charities that do operate in the Islamic world are structured and organized around the western model of philanthropy.

      It’s true that whites today are decadent and degenerate. But even in this pitiful state of atrophy, Western culture is still more compassionate and less dysfunctional than most cultures in the non western world.

      • Mawlana87 says:

        “The charities that do operate in the Islamic world are structured and organized around the western model of philanthropy.”

        Desi inferiority complex talking once again. Even when we do good deeds its thanks to the West. Embarrassing.

        “I lived in Dubai for 10 years, and I’ve visited Saudi Arabia”

        Whats your problem with KSA? Why every time we talk about Islam White people and Desi white wannabes come up with Saudi Arabia? There are like 1,5 billion Muslims out there but you people only know “Saudi Arabia”.

        Listen up, dude. You may cheat these poor naive Westerners but you won’t trick me. I was born in there and I know people like you very well. Your inferiority complex and self-hatred are pathetic. You really need help, baiyan.

      • Dota says:

        You are beginning to sound like a broken record and until you come up with some new material, I’m just going to ignore you. You are still free to continue commenting here, but I’m not going to bother responding.

      • Rashid says:

        You are right Maulana guys like this guys see just because they sympathise with those westerners they assume they are one among them. Inspite of generations of procreation their offsprings will never be white they will always be referred as Asian immigrants. They deny their kinship to Asian/Muslims because if their mountainous ego. Frankly their white knighting is disgusting

  2. Halford Mackinder says:

    “Genuine racists believe that certain groups are inherently superior or inferior depending on the group’s contribution to civilization over time.”

    Inherently superior or inferior *for what*? There’s no such thing as robustly *general* superiority or inferiority. A person or group can only be called “superior” or “inferior” with reference to some purpose or end. And when specific purposes or ends are laid out, we can say in many cases that individuals or groups are demonstrably “superior” or “inferior” for, or with regard to, X, Y or Z. West Africans are demonstrably superior long distance runners than Europeans. Am I racist for saying that? Of course not. Well, Europeans are demonstrably superior when it comes to creating and maintaining high-trust societies.

  3. Dota says:

    West Africans are demonstrably superior long distance runners than Europeans. Am I racist for saying that? Of course not.

    You would be racist if you said that the West African’s endurance makes his life inherently more valuable than the life of the European. The West African is just as equally made in God’s image as the European is. But this doesn’t mean the two people can live in the same nation when there are so many fundamental differences between them. If the West African chooses to live with the European so that he can enjoy the latter’s way of life, he must remain a minority. That’s all I’m saying.

  4. Anonymous Bro says:

    You must understand Dota that for current trends to change and to maintain a white majority, whites will have to change our ways. That means no more charity for outrgroups, no more foreign aid, no more affirmative action, and of course strict suspicion of all racial outgroups in all dealings. I believe that to survive, white people basically must become far less nice and far more tribal, but this puts somebody like you in a catch 22 because if my prescriptions were to happen, all the things you like about us would go away, and then what reason do you have to speak well of us?

    Secondly, I do place more value on white lives (and eastern Asians to a lesser extent) because of civilizational achievement. Technology and science will stop the next asteroid that will wipe out all humanity. What a shame it would be for man to go to the moon only to go back into the caves instead of the stars. So far, only whites and east Asian have shown themselves to be capable of space exploration (as well as conservationism of Earth), so in the interest of human survival, those races are far more valuable than the colored people who are lacking in this area. I await to be proven otherwise, and then I will change my opinion, but not until it happens.

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