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Yay for Abe

Courtesy of Dean Baker, one of my favorite economists, I read this interesting article about Shinzo Abe’s stimulus plan in Japan. It turns out that, contrary to the assertion of venal hacks like Fareed Zakaria, the Abe government’s intervention in the … Continue reading

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Responding To Comments Regarding My White Majority Post

I got a lot of flack for my last post, and I feel that it is time to clear the air of certain misconceptions that have been flying around since the post was published. Tulio writes: I tend to agree … Continue reading

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Review: Killing the Host by Michael Hudson

Michael Hudson is easily one of the best economists in the world; too bad few Americans besides those who read fringe sites such as Unz Review and Counterpunch know of him. Aside from his wealth of knowledge, what makes Hudson’s voice so refreshing is that he … Continue reading

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