The Alt Right, Curt Schilling, and the Collective Freakout of White Liberals


So it looks like the Alternative Right has finally achieved the mainstream presence it has sought for so many years, with Hillary Clinton singling out the inchoate movement during her most recent speech. Putting aside her asinine assertion that Vladimir Putin is the godfather of global white nationalism, along with her disingenuous praise of Conservatism Inc standard-bearers such as Paul Ryan – last time I checked, Democrats/liberals have spent years bashing these supposedly moral Republicans as wicked racists – the speech conveyed a sense of alarmism about the alt right’s vile fascist sentiments. Journalists and pundits, good little sycophants that they are, closed ranks and heaped scorn on the alt right’s transgressive views.

But it’s not just the Alternative Right that has drawn the ire of this nation’s leftist chattering classes. Take Matt Taibbi’s recent takedown of former baseball star and aspiring politician Curt Schilling – whom Taibbi claims will preserve Trump’s toxic legacy of whiny white guy resentment. I’m going to go through this post bit by bit, since it serves as a perfect example of that unique white pathology known as ethnomasochism. Unsurprisingly, Taibbi’s endorsement of white male self-flagellation includes that classic Louis C.K. quote:

Can’t-shut-up types like Schill are the reason white men will probably eventually have to be rounded up, at which point, as a shrugging Louis C.K. once pointed out, “they’re going to hold us down and fuck us in the ass forever. And we totally deserve it.”

As I’ve said before, when future Chinese historians look back at the fall of the West, white men like Louis C.K. will warrant a mention. Can you imagine Hindu men in India saying that they “deserve” to be fucked over by Muslims? Can you imagine Han Chinese enthusiastically declaring that they deserve to be brutalized by Uighurs and Tibetans? Can you imagine Israeli Jews, Turks, Gulf Arabs, Japanese, Koreans, Malays, Mexicans, or anyone not white saying that? Of course you can’t, because only whites are afflicted with this condition. Taibbi’s description of the aggrieved white male brain is also worth scrutinizing (emphasis mine):

This brain type sees outrages everywhere. Colleges offer degrees in Black Studies, but unless it’s the Martin Mull version, you can’t proudly lug around a History of White People without being put on an FBI watch list. Unfair! As someone actually asked me on Twitter once, “How come only minorities get to have identity politics?”

If you really have to ask questions like this – if you can’t, for instance, see that the whole curriculum of most colleges is “white studies” – then there are probably a lot of other things you’re not ever going to grasp. So no offense, but when it comes to stuff like this, it’s no use arguing, and, well, shut up, is what the rest of humanity is mostly saying to us white guys.

If anything, the rest of humanity laughs at the ethnomasochism displayed by Taibbi. In fact, in most of the world, only the majority is permitted to openly indulge in identity politics. In one of our recent conversations, Dota told me about the case of Indian Bollywood actress Jaya Bachchan, who incurred the wrath of the Marathi nationalist Shiv Sena organization. Her crime? Expressing pride in her native Hindi language. That her peccadillo could arouse such aggressive passions just goes to show that disrespect of the majority (and their culture) is not tolerated, no matter how innocuous the offense. Even in Malaysia, one of the more prosperous and socially moderate Muslim countries in the world, uppity minority behavior is not countenanced; one only has to observe the furor caused by Christians using the word “Allah.”

However, it’s this passage from Matt Taibbi that exhibits the strange combination of self-loathing and quixotic idealism so common among his ilk:

They’re probably not saying shut up forever, or about everything, but just for once and about some things, after thousands of years of unrestrained yammering.

This shouldn’t be too big an ask, since (as the likes of Trump and Schilling regularly prove) American white men still mostly run the world and live highly failure-resistant existences. Just take yes for an answer, enjoy the ride, and try to have the decency to not act like a victim; that’s all anyone asks.

I’ll give Taibbi the benefit of the doubt and assume that “thousands of years” is just a figure of speech (after all, according to leftists, “whiteness” is a relatively recent construct). I do find strange his insistence that “white men” as a whole live failure-resistant existences. That certainly doesn’t jibe with my experience – or the experiences of many other white guys I’ve known. It also doesn’t jibe with my observations of incompetent non-whites who enjoy happy and successful lives. But who cares what I think? I’m just a deluded white man blinded by his privilege.

It’s Taibbi’s contention that us white guys “listening” is all “anyone asks” for that really takes the cake. I can say with the utmost confidence that they are asking for far more than just a little humility and privilege checking; they are asking for whites (white men in particular) to enthusiastically swing an axe at their own feet, which is unprecedented in all of world history. They obviously enjoy some measure of success, seeing as how they’ve gotten certain elite white men – who always seem to project their own experiences onto other white men – to enthusiastically “listen.”

The best way to interpret the antics of Matt Taibbi and other left leaning pundits is that with Donald Trump’s presidential prospects waning by the day, leftists now want to extirpate any enduring white nationalist sentiment. The left’s collective freakout over the Alternative Right’s (and Curt Schilling’s) growing political prominence says a lot more about them than it does about the views we espouse (even though I don’t agree with a lot of what Schilling says). Leftists are either shockingly ignorant about the role nationalism plays in most of the world, or they subscribe to this notion that white people – and only white people – are expected to excitedly cheer on their own demise. I’m leaning more towards the latter interpretation, seeing as how “respectable” mainstream Americans aggressively condemn the alt right’s relatively mild nationalism while giving a pass to much more virulent forms of global nationalism. Just observe noted Hillary Hag Neera Tanden saying how honored she was to meet actual fascist and mass murderer Narendra Modi. Ditto for certain members of our esteemed business community.

Embracing Real Fascism

Certain nationalists are okay, I guess.

In conclusion, liberals and leftists need to get a grip. If they think that the Alternative Right is too extreme, then I don’t want to know how they would realistically assess normal global nationalism without having heart attacks. But putting that aside, there is nothing extreme about not wanting to be held down and fucked in the ass for eternity. I’m sure the “rest of humanity” agrees.

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11 Responses to The Alt Right, Curt Schilling, and the Collective Freakout of White Liberals

  1. Anonymous Bro says:

    Keep in mind that (((Louis CK))) has a tribal reason to talk the way he does. As for Taibbi, it appears to me that white liberals like him will have to endure some poverty and violence to knock the delusions out of their heads. Luckily (or not, depending how you see it), their very beliefs and actions make this inevitable.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      As for Taibbi, it appears to me that white liberals like him will have to endure some poverty and violence to knock the delusions out of their heads.

      As I once wrote in one of my posts for Alternative Right, one of the more neglected aspects of white ethnomasochism is economic self-interest. Affluent white liberals benefit from mass immigration and multiculturalism because they are well positioned to enjoy ethnic restaurants and cheap service labor.

      The day that doctors, lawyers, journalists, and other professionals are forced to compete with legions of third worlders – which would happen if there were open borders and a real “free market” – is the day affluent white liberals become raging alt righters.

      But since they benefit from protectionism, that won’t happen anytime soon.

      • Mawlana87 says:

        “The day that doctors, lawyers, journalists, and other professionals are forced to compete with legions of third worlders – which would happen if there were open borders and a real “free market” – is the day affluent white liberals become raging alt righters.”

        “The country as a whole does not experience large-scale human capital flight as compared with other countries, with an emigration rate of only 0.7 per 1,000 educated people, but it is often the destination of skilled workers migrating from elsewhere in the world”

        I know plenty of educated Iranians, Turks, Afghans, Arabs and Europeans (mainly southern Europeans such as Spaniards, Italians, etc) who have migrated to the USA.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        As Dean Baker – who has written extensively about professional protectionism – once put it, the fact that there are foreign doctors does not mean that, by and large, there is no protectionism. There are still extensive licensing restrictions and other forms of protection that shield American professionals from most foreign competition. As Baker said, It’s like claiming that the US government doesn’t protect agriculture just because you can find Mexican avocados in a few grocery stores.

  2. Quartermain says:

    “In conclusion, liberals and leftists need to get a grip.” Indeed they do, and if not, they need to be quarantined from all spheres of influence then treated like the destructive lunatics that they are.

  3. Mawlana87 says:

    “Can you imagine Hindu men in India saying that they “deserve” to be fucked over by Muslims?”

    Actually Indian Hindus are an extremely servile nation. They love to serve non Indian people. They like put other people above themselves. I guess its because the caste system and centuries of foreign invasions. This seems to be a common pattern among Indian/Pakistani/Bangaldeshi Muslims too: many of them claim to hail from Afghanistan, Iran or other Middle Eastern or Central Asian countries.

    There is something wrong in the West. There is a disease called “Social Liberalism” that its ruining Western civilization. Many people believe that by insulting their own culture/religion/identity or giving special rights to migrants/homosexuals/women,.. and so on they are more sophisticated and modern. Western Liberailsm promotes some good values such as tolerance, respect etc but it also promotes wrong values that have destroyed Western core values. No wonder most of European youth are a bunch of effeminate, cowards, hedonist, selfish, drunk-drug addicted people, with no values. With no desire to believe or fight for their glorious civilization. I guess American youth must be like the European one. We are indeed witnessing the decay of the Western civilization. And its all your own fault.

  4. Gay State Girl says:

    Gay Area Guy

    The alt right would be privileged to have people like you as leaders, but they don’t represent themselves well and lack direction.

    I do feel sorry for them because much of the obscenities they spew on social media will be forever archived.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      @ GSG

      You flatter me. Truth be told, I’ve always been more of a thinker and observer than a leader. I would be a much better consigliere than a Don.

      I do feel that if the alt right refined its message and conducted themselves better, there would be real potential for the movement to grow. And frankly, a lot of alt righters are just vitriolic and repellant people – people I wouldn’t want to associate with in real life.

      But for now, there’s no other camp for me.

  5. Halford Mackinder says:

    “white men like Louis C.K.” ??? What the hell is Bay Area Guy talking about? (((Louis CK))) is as (((Jewish))) as they come. Why do we have an AltRight author trying to pass off anti-white Jews as “white men”? Taibbi is not really white either, btw.

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