Good Video From Ramzpaul

I just finished watching the latest video from Ramzpaul, one of the more prominent alt right vloggers and personalities. Check it out below:

I don’t agree with all of his points. For one, while the average BLM adherent probably doesn’t think twice about whites who get killed by the police, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that blacks are secretly “happy” whenever whites die in such a manner (exceptions notwithstanding). I also don’t think that advocating immigration in and of itself is an “evil” act. While most people who promote open borders do so in bad faith – mainly business lobbyists, their shills in the media, affluent people who seek cheap servants, and non-white tribalists who want to augment their numbers and political power – one can embrace immigration in good faith. That person would be wrong, but that doesn’t necessarily make him “evil.”

Putting that aside, I agree with Ramzpaul’s main argument: Caring about your own people more than others is perfectly natural. I have likewise asserted that expecting other people to value outsiders’ as much as their own group is sheer folly. This doesn’t mean that we hate other groups and bear them ill will; it doesn’t mean that we enjoy watching them suffer. It does mean, however, that should the interests of another group clash with the interests of my group, I’m going to side with my group. Nothing personal, just business.

If only more people heeded Ramzpaul’s simple common sense.

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3 Responses to Good Video From Ramzpaul

  1. Ezra Pound says:

    RamZPaul wrote himself completely out of the Alt Right when he launched his broadside against white nationalists and “neo-Nazis”. He has no credibility in the Alt Right and when I see him referred to at all anymore it is as “RamZCuck”

    • Tulio says:

      So what exactly is the difference between the “alt right” and Stormfront then? If there is no difference, then why is it called alt right and not just called white nationalism or neonazism?

  2. Quartermain says:

    I love these 2 vids from ol’ Ram:

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