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Why It’s Imperative For Whites To Remain A Majority In The West

I recently left a few comments on Abagond’s blog recently, and unsurprisingly, some of the commenters there accused me of being a white man pretending to be an Indian. For those that have followed me since my days on Robert … Continue reading

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The Alt Right, Curt Schilling, and the Collective Freakout of White Liberals

So it looks like the Alternative Right has finally achieved the mainstream presence it has sought for so many years, with Hillary Clinton singling out the inchoate movement during her most recent speech. Putting aside her asinine assertion that Vladimir Putin … Continue reading

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Good Video From Ramzpaul

I just finished watching the latest video from Ramzpaul, one of the more prominent alt right vloggers and personalities. Check it out below: I don’t agree with all of his points. For one, while the average BLM adherent probably doesn’t think twice about … Continue reading

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