Desi Wisdom and Disjointed Thoughts on Brexit

Courtesy of commenter Raja Hindustani, I watched a very edifying video concerning Brexit from an Indian news channel. Check it out below:

Given what we already know about non-white realism and nationalism, it held few surprises. What I found telling is that the Desi woman based in London was the most anti-Brexit, whereas Indians in India itself seemed to get where the Brexiters were coming from – even if they didn’t fully endorse their views. The latter is especially true of the host Arnab Goswami, who voiced sentiments that are anathema to mainstream Western sensibilities. His candid discussion of immigration and demographic change (skip to the 14:15 mark) would be almost unheard of here in the West, especially North America. In fact, if he weren’t foreign and brown, the usual suspects would brand him a vile racist.

From Goswami’s standpoint, such “vile” sentiments are simple common sense, and he understands that feeling queasy about immigration is perfectly reasonable. He recognizes that pushing back against demographic changes and displacement – during a time when resources are increasingly scarce – is a natural impulse, which is why he’s incredulous when leftist neoliberals express shock or grief over Brexit. It’s as if he respects that native white Brits are a legitimate group with legitimate group interests.

Such group interests were also acknowledged by Pavan Varma (36:30 mark), who rightly asserts that one cannot discuss immigration from a purely economic standpoint; the cultural impact is just as important. There’s also the vital question of national sovereignty.

Ultimately, the fatal weakness of neoliberals is that they too often ignore these vital issues, and fail to realize that most people don’t give a rat’s ass about economism – especially those who are already fucked. After all, why should a bunch of destitute white people in depressed, ex-industrial rural areas care about the stock market or the financial implications of Brexit? They’re already broke! That’s why, as Colin Liddell persuasively argues in his article that predicted Brexit’s success, such soporific appeals to economism and technocratic globalism don’t inspire much passion or loyalty:

Another advantage that BREXIT has is that it is also more emotionally potent than BREMAIN. Those who are against the EU tend to actually loathe it, being driven by an intense hatred and existential dread, as well as by a passionate love of Britain. Those who support the EU, by contrast, rely on more lukewarm emotions – mild fear of some economic disruption, vague attraction towards the idea of a European Union (often with misgivings), mild distaste for aspects of their own country, etc.

Just to be clear, I place a very high premium on economics and economic justice. However, the economism I’m talking about is the fluff promoted by the filthy rich to justify any and all policies that further fill their coffers. Thanks to such economism, the standard of living for the average white person has significantly declined over the past few decades. Then, to add insult to injury, immigration and multiculturalism are tossed into the stew. Consequently, as I pointed out in my article about Rodrigo Duterte, today’s globalist liberals have nothing to offer regular white people, economically or socially.

Therefore, we really shouldn’t be surprised when angry whites with little to lose repudiate globalism’s main tenets.

But of course, there were people – SJWs, mainstream liberals, the aforementioned neoliberal economists – who were indeed horrified by the results; and somehow, I don’t think that concern over Britain’s economic health is high on their list of priorities. Their real fear is that the multicultural globalist project is coming undone, and every Brexit style success drives another nail into the coffin.

Unfortunately for liberals, they’re just too damn smug to realize that screaming “racist,” “xenophobe,” and “think of the stock market!” only further heightens opposition to their agenda. As Matt Taibbi wrote in Rolling Stone, the reactions to Brexit are precisely why so many pissed off people want to stick it to liberals:

Imagine having pundits and professors suggest you should have your voting rights curtailed because you voted Leave. Now imagine these same people are calling voters like you “children,” and castigating you for being insufficiently appreciative of, say, the joys of submitting to a European Supreme Court that claims primacy over the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights.

The overall message in every case is the same: Let us handle things.

But whatever, let’s assume that the Brexit voters, like Trump voters, are wrong, ignorant, dangerous and unjustified.

I will concede that many of those who voted for Brexit or Trump – just like those who voted for Hillary, or Bernie, or any other politician – are ignorant. While I’m sympathetic to the white working classes, I recognize that they’re not exactly erudite angels. However, they’re not as stupid as smug liberals seem to think; they know that they’re being screwed over, and they instinctively recognize that liberal elites hold them in contempt.

That contempt is now being returned tenfold. We can only hope that Brexit inspires similar measures throughout the Western world.

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2 Responses to Desi Wisdom and Disjointed Thoughts on Brexit

  1. William Dev says:

    This is probably one of Arnabs best debates. Other times, he comes across as too narcissistic, opinionated self centric douche. His shows are too much of harangue

  2. Beatrix says:

    “However, they’re not as stupid as smug liberals seem to think; they know that they’re being screwed over, and they instinctively recognize that liberal elites hold them in contempt.”

    They do indeed know they’re being screwed over but they’re rather confused as to whom by. The “filthy rich” are their enemies but they’ll blame immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, Muslims, or whatever they’ve been told to believe.

    They are quite aware the contempt they’re being held in with the likes of Duck Dynasty & Honey Boo Boo being broadcast.

    Interesting how the White working class and the obese are the only groups it’s still PC to hold in contempt in the Western world.

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