The Liberal As The Outsider

One of my favorite stories from ancient India is the tale of the Owls and the Crows as narrated by pundit Vishnu Sharma in the Panchatantra. According to the common narration, the owls and crows were at war with one another where the owls had the upper hand. The crows, fearing defeat, decided to employ one final gambit before surrendering to the inevitable. One of their members would undermine the owls by acting as a defector. This crow eventually succeeded in gaining the trust of the owls, who yielded access to their stronghold to the outsider. One of the owls did not trust this supposed defector and insisted that he be killed as soon as possible. He was ignored, and eventually rallied a few followers before wisely departing. When the owls were asleep, the crow gathered up his associates and set the cave on fire thereby killing all the owls within.

Like many tales from ancient India, this one also contains a primary and secondary moral. The primary moral is that guile trumps brute strength every-time. This is a recurring theme in the Panchatantra. The secondary moral of this story is of interest to us. The ‘defector’ was amazed at the stupidity of the owls in trusting him and exclaimed:

“Someone who has left the service of the enemy, and come over to the other side, should never be trusted”

In other words, how can you trust someone who has betrayed their own? It is worthwhile noting that in most parts of the non-western world, liberals are perceived as traitors since they are accused of working against the interests of their respective groups. This label is tossed at them even if all they are doing is seeking justice for other groups. Hindus that seek justice for the Muslim victims of Hindutva violence are accused of treachery. The same goes for Jewish Israelis that seek justice for displaced Palestinians. It is a testament to the magnanimity of western people that they insist on seeking justice for ‘the other.’

Sadly, that is not enough for Western Liberals. These individuals insist on the ethnic displacement of white people. While people like Gideon Levy insist that they are merely seeking justice for others and that their actions are motivated by patriotism, Anglosphere liberals profess no such love for their nations. Liberals outwardly condemn corporations yet happily accept their financial patronage under the table. They then cheer these corporations as they clamp down on free speech. Feminists, as we know, are openly hostile to the idea of patriotism.

Why they betray their people

Part of the reason why our side has such a difficult time mounting a resistance is because the average North American doesn’t really know who rules them. We think that the politicians we vote for rule over us, but it’s seldom that simple. North American elites differ from the old aristocracies of Europe because this new class of elites were borne of capital. As such, they have no loyalty to their nations, heritage, culture, and religion.

Where we see nations, they see markets. Where we see citizens, they see labour pools. The old aristocracies were the stewards of civilization and a patron of the arts. Where they commissioned great works of art and music, our current elites fund degenerate leftist causes. The key reason our globalist elites despise nationalism is because the latter hinders the flow of global capital. Consider the fiasco that transpired between the Jewish owned Elliot Associates and the Korean Samsung group.

“The Korean story has its origins in the efforts of Samsung’s holding company, Cheil Industries, to buy SamSung C&T, the engineering and construction arm of the wider Samsung family of businesses. The move can be seen as part of an effort to reinforce control of the conglomerate by the founding Lee family and its heir apparent, Lee Jae-Jong. Trouble emerged when Singer’s company, which  holds a 7.12% stake in SamSung C&T and is itself attempting to expand its influence and control of Far East tech companies, objected to the move. The story is fairly typical of Jewish difficulties in penetrating business cultures in the Far East where impenetrable family monopolies, known in Korea as chaebols, are common.”

How did this end?

“In the end, the Lee strategy, based on drawing attention to the alien and exploitative nature of Elliot Associates, was overwhelmingly effective. Before a crucial shareholder vote on the Lee’s planned merger, Samsung Securities CEO Yoon Yong-am, said: “We should score a victory by a big margin in the first battle in order take the upper hand in a looming war against Elliott, and keep other speculative hedge funds from taking short-term gains in the domestic market.” When the vote finally took place a few days ago, a conclusive 69.5% of Samsung shareholders voted in favor of the Lee proposal, leaving Elliot licking its wounds and complaining about the ‘patriotic marketing’ of those behind the merger.”

The reason I highlighted ‘patriotic marketing’ is because had the Koreans possessed the same diluted cultural identity as their North American counterparts, the merger surely would have been thwarted. Had the Koreans been as susceptible to liberal guilt mongering along the lines of “racism”, they would surely have lost this battle. This globalist parasite class relies on traitors and sellouts to consolidate their financial power (and by extension political power) across the world. In the globalist paradise, there can be no nations and citizens; merely money and worker droens. There can be no religion, only consumerism.

This is why globalist puppets like Marxists and Feminists sabotage their own nations by assaulting racial identity, culture, and religion. It is about time that we in the West joined the rest of humanity in declaring liberals traitors that walk among us.


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