Surly in San Francisco

As I’ve argued on many occasions, San Francisco is a clusterfuck of contradictions. On the one hand, SF can proudly boast of its tech wealth, environmental beauty, and the Giants. At the same time, the city’s reputation is tarnished by certain dubious distinctions – chief among them a level of economic inequality that puts many banana republics to shame. Unsurprisingly, this toxic mix of inequality and liberal deviancy has rendered SF the 8th angriest city in the nation (emphasis mine):

Thrillist recently published a ranking of the 11 angriest American cities and San Francisco came in as the 8th.

The article blames the anger on rising housing prices, the recent influx of wealthy tech workers and traffic.

This may surprise most people as the Bay Area is known for being so “chill.” The article says the anger of residents isn’t “face punching anger,” it’s more like “your chill friend from college’s worst day, every day.”

Don’t know what that lady is smoking, because I’m certainly not shocked; if anything, I’m wondering why SF isn’t higher on the list. Going off of pure empiricism, I can confidently say that the Bay Area is not renowned for its easygoing vibe. Just about ever person I’ve spoken to on the matter – whether a native, transplant, or visitor – agrees that many people in the Bay Area are prickly assholes. One of my former coworkers, a middle-aged half white/half-Filipino guy who grew up around Old Money in the Deep South, told me that nobody back in the South ever exhibited the kind of truculent entitlement that he’s witnessed in the Bay. It’s worth noting that he too was somewhat shocked, as he previously labored under the delusion that the Bay Area is this “nice, liberal place.”

However, my contention is that the Bay Area is infested with self-important assholes precisely because, not in spite of, its liberal ethos. In fact, just take a gander at the list of angriest cities, and you’ll see that they all have one thing in common: they’re all Democratic strongholds. As much as liberals profess to love humanity, for some strange reason they can’t seem to stomach actual people.

Of course, as I’m fond of saying, correlation doesn’t equal causation. Regardless of ideology, expensive, hectic, and racially diverse cities are bound to be fractious to some degree. That being said, throwing a bizarre, globally deviant ideology into the mix compounds these problems. Shit, it’s hard enough making rent and finding decent parking; it’s even worse when you have to be politically correct on top of it all.

Liberalism is simply an unnatural ideology, which is why it’s instinctively rejected by most of the world’s people. Therefore, it takes a certain aggressive self-righteousness to earnestly espouse loony liberal beliefs, unless it’s in one’s best interests. That’s why, just to be clear, I do not think that black, Latino, Asian, or other “diverse” liberals are insane – quite the opposite, actually.

But for white people in big cities such as Portland and SF to collectively embrace liberal views suggests a certain affliction. No wonder so many of them are surly and insufferable.

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5 Responses to Surly in San Francisco

  1. Beatrix says:

    May I ask why you remain in the SF Bay area, BAG?
    I personally can’t stand it anymore despite most of my family living there. Expensive, pretentious, crowded, – I do like the weather though.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Beats me, Beatrix. Truth be told, I too can’t stand the Bay, and would gladly move somewhere else – provided decent employment is available.

      But if I moved, what would I change my blogging name to? 🙂

      • Gay State Girl says:

        How would you feel about moving to a friendlier but less exciting place? The only parts of the US that I’ve spent significant time in are Boston, NYC, and Palm Beach. I imagine it would be quite a culture shock.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        How would you feel about moving to a friendlier but less exciting place?

        I wouldn’t mind at all. It’s not like the Bay Area is an especially exciting place; young people suffer from ennui here just like they do anywhere else.

        But I would certainly be open to friendlier people. I’ve had my fill of pretentious, sanctimonious jerks.

  2. Beatrix says:

    “I wouldn’t mind at all. It’s not like the Bay Area is an especially exciting place; young people suffer from ennui here just like they do anywhere else.”

    Only if you make at least $1.5 million plus a year is the SF Bay area even remotely “interesting.” Less than that and you’re spending 1/3 of your waking hours looking for a parking spot.

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