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Desi Wisdom and Disjointed Thoughts on Brexit

Courtesy of commenter Raja Hindustani, I watched a very edifying video concerning Brexit from an Indian news channel. Check it out below: Given what we already know about non-white realism and nationalism, it held few surprises. What I found telling … Continue reading

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Immigrants, Hooligans, and the Right Reasons to Oppose Immigration

As I have argued before, leftists have one cardinal rule: “marginalized” groups are beyond reproach; unless, of course, their bad behavior can somehow be blamed on oppressor groups. That’s why, regardless of non-whites’ penchant for organized tribalism, leftists will always absolve … Continue reading

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The Liberal As The Outsider

One of my favorite stories from ancient India is the tale of the Owls and the Crows as narrated by pundit Vishnu Sharma in the Panchatantra. According to the common narration, the owls and crows were at war with one … Continue reading

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Surly in San Francisco

As I’ve argued on many occasions, San Francisco is a clusterfuck of contradictions. On the one hand, SF can proudly boast of its tech wealth, environmental beauty, and the Giants. At the same time, the city’s reputation is tarnished by certain dubious … Continue reading

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The Dalai Lama Versus Leftist Lunacy

As a white kid blessed with a liberal education, I was enriched by a multicultural middle school curriculum. Besides coming to grips with my inherent white male wickedness, I was taught to appreciate the wisdom of non-Christian religions. Along with organizing a visit to … Continue reading

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