The Importance Of Never Backing Down

If there is one story in the Bible that should inspire Alt-righters to take a stand against leftist lunacy, it is the tale of the mighty Sampson who slew a thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey. It might be easy to trade insults over the internet but it becomes substantially harder to mount a defense of your position in the real world; especially when those positions have been deemed ‘politically incorrect’ by a society castrated by liberal idiocy. Common sense hurts feelings while human nature is so inconvenient that it must be swept under the rug.

Bay Area Guy has shared numerous personal anecdotes with me regarding his refusal to back down when confronted with liberal opposition in his day to day life. Far from being loathed, he has won the respect of many non-whites for standing his ground. Perhaps he may share some of those anecdotes with you in a later post. I wish I possessed his diplomatic skill in gaining converts, but I tend to be as abrasive in the real world as I am online. It was established long ago that BAG is the likable one whereas I am the handsome one. Be that as it may, here is an example of unapologetic posturing that borders on the shameless:


Zakir Naik’s popularity rests primarily among the Muslims of South Asia who belong to a culture that prizes rote learning over intellectual curiosity. A glorified parrot, Naik’s understanding of world religions is as shallow as the intellectual capacity of the triumphalist dunces that comprise his audience. I am not here to discuss the reality that many cultures express palatable liberal views in English while revealing their true colours in their tribal languages. The English media in India, Pakistan, and Israel are all very liberal and ‘tolerant’ whereas the Hindi/Urdu and Hebrew presses reveal the true pulse of their nations.

The point I would like to discuss is how unapologetic Naik is when he proclaims the superiority of Islam over other religions. Many in the Alternative Right are more than familiar with the tribal nature of Jews who promote civil rights and multiculturalism in the West while fastidiously practicing ethno-facism in Israel. What most in the Alt-Right sometimes forget is that ALL non-Western cultures are like this. As this article in Tehelka points out:

Where Hindutva in India menacingly brandishes its muscle to elicit fearful compliance from the minorities, in the US it uses the subdued vocabulary of plurality, multiculturalism and “hurt feelings” to plead for incorporation into the mainstream

Most non-Western people intuitively understand that when you are in the minority, you supplicate to the majority; whereas when you become the majority, you lord it over the minorities. Whites seem to back down even when they are the majority in domains they have controlled for centuries. It is little wonder that minorities in the West are becoming increasingly more petulant as they perceive white wimpiness a sign of weakness. Nobody can deny that Naik’s logic in the video above is ridiculous; it is impossible to empirically prove that Islam is the only “true faith” in the same way as it can be empirically demonstrated that 2+2 = 4. Yet the man’s confident belief that Muslims should lord it over non-Muslims in Islamic domains is not that uncommon as similar sentiments are shared by all non-Western peoples.

I’m certainly not advocating fascism in the West, but what’s wrong with moderate and healthy majoritarianism? If non-Western peoples can confidently stand their ground in defense of cultural systems that are clearly backward and barbaric, what do you whites have to be ashamed of when your civilization invented the modern world?


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5 Responses to The Importance Of Never Backing Down

  1. Bay Area Guy says:

    Dota gives me way too much credit!

    As always, context is key. When I’m at work, I seldom (if ever) voice political opinions, and only furtively at that. I’m likewise cautious among those who aren’t aware of the blog. But around friends and family members who already know of my leanings, I don’t hold back!

    That aside, one should indeed never apologize for their beliefs. After all, if you do apologize and back down, you’re basically admitting that you harbor no strong convictions – that you’re weak. And whites have no excuse to be so weak in their own countries.

  2. GOHDAN says:

    Do any of the authors of this site believe that a multi-ethnic nationalist state is possible? I’ve been discussing it with my friends — I have White, South Asian, and Black friends — and they have all said that they would join such a movement. We came up with something very similar to Brazilian Integralism — a movement in inter-war Brazil that had mulattoes, Blacks and Whites in its movement. Would either one of the authors support a multi-ethnic nationalist movement in North America? Do either one of the authors think that a large scale multi-ethnic nationalist movement in the West is possible?

    • Dota says:

      I think it’s possible only if there is a single dominant majority that defines the cultural and civilization paradigm within such a nation. This has historically always been the case from the Romans to the Abbasids and even the Persians and Incans. This dominant majority needs to maintain numerical superiority and a high level of cultural hegemony. Without the latter, the cohesion of a nation is untenable as racial/tribal interests fracture national solidarity.

  3. Beatrix says:

    Debate Erupts in California Over Curriculum on India’s History May 4, 2016
    Vidhima Shetty, a high school freshman, told the committee that using the term South Asian would be akin to asking her to change her name.
    “Names are what define us as people; they represent character and personality,” she said. “The board is confusing our cultural terms with geographical terms. By removing India as a term from the textbooks this leaves Indian-American children with no ethnic or cultural identification to turn to. When we acknowledge ourselves as South Asians, us Hindus are forced to re-identify ourselves as something we are not.”
    Perhaps no state other than California, with its large immigrant population, would have such a contentious fight.

    This is just classic-
    “When we acknowledge ourselves as South Asians, us Hindus are forced to re-identify ourselves as something we are not.”

    And just whom is really confusing cultural terms with geographical terms in this BS?

  4. Christopher says:

    Dota I think you would gain so much more converts if you weren’t so condescending whenever someone disagrees with you.

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