Neologisms and the Left

Crazy Social Justice Warrior

Just when I thought SJWs couldn’t get any more bizarre, they always find ways to surprise me. Their increasingly absurd abuse of the term “mansplain” is a perfect example.

Of course, “mansplain” is not actually that recent of a term; it gained mainstream recognition at least as early as 2012. However, given that few people besides disconnected media pundits and deranged feminist twitter scolds understand – much less use – the term, I still consider it a neologism.

Ostensibly, the term is meant to admonish arrogant and patronizing men who presume to know more about a woman’s experiences than the woman herself. On certain issues, such as childbirth and abortion, I wouldn’t be too averse to the term, since men understandably know little about either. However, in my opinion, “mansplain” has morphed into a cheap tactic designed to shut down any man that a feminist simply doesn’t like – or agree with.

Fortunately, one doesn’t have to be a woman to enjoy the privilege of branding a dudebro a mansplainer! Enter journalist Jamelle Bouie, who’s employed by both Slate and CBS. In addition to being the usual mainstream black anti-racist, Jamelle seems to embrace the whole social justice package. Seriously, is there some kind of rule where if you’re “woke” when it comes to race, you have to parrot SJW talking points on every issue?

I guess there is, as evidenced by Jamelle irritably accusing a man – yes, a man! – of mansplaining. As ridiculous as it sounds, I think there’s actually method to this madness. The left seems to grasp the importance of language, which is why they’re always promoting or agitating against certain terms. Whether it’s advocating the usage of “cisgender” or denouncing people who say “illegal immigrants,” they get that by controlling language, they control the terms of the debate.

That’s why, if “mansplaining” becomes widespread, the term will become more than a cheap tactic to shut down debate; it will impugn masculinity as a whole, which will lead to various undesirable consequences.

So if you’re unlucky enough to know someone in real life who earnestly uses that word, please do not let it slide. We must ultimately all do our part to reclaim our language.

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7 Responses to Neologisms and the Left

  1. Gay State Girl says:

    How do you feel about the term neurotypical?

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I don’t mind it as much, as it has more of a scientific vibe. Then again, given how insane America as a whole has become, methinks a significant bulk of neurotypical people are suspect.

  2. Beatrix says:

    I thought impugning masculinity was the fashion in the west now?
    But we’re calling it “redefining masculinity” or some such SJ buzzterm positive affirmation twitterati (or twatterati?) new age woo? Isn’t that what “man buns” are all about?
    I can’t keep up with you youngsters & your long playing records and hifi stereos . GET OFF MY LAWN DAMMIT!

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I thought impugning masculinity was the fashion in the west now?

      Indeed it is. But just imagine how bad things will get if “mansplaining” becomes an everyday word.

  3. mymanandme03 says:

    It’s a passive aggressive tactic to silence people who disagree with them. The same goes for labelling people who disagree with them ‘haters’.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Exactly. Every time an SJW employs one of their preferred buzzwords, what it really means is, “shut up and let me lecture you!”

      • mymanandme03 says:

        Yup. They also twist things around such that those of us who try to live more healthily ‘hate ourselves’ and are ‘starving’. It’s highly manipulative. They must be avoided.

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