SJWs and Multiculturalism’s Mixed Messages

Well, it looks like the constant prattle against the evils of “cultural appropriation” shows no signs of abating. White people are certainly being given some very mixed messages. On the one hand, we’re blessed by multiculturalism’s many riches – including but not limited to food, music, and “unique perspectives.” On the other hand, if white people try to enjoy non-white culture too much, then they morph into villainous poachers.

To be fair, I get where the “appropriation” crowd is coming from. Given the high premium the alt right places on nationalism and culture, I can appreciate why certain non-whites aren’t thrilled about white people donning their traditional attire. However, as the article points out, what’s ironic is that these aggrieved non-whites are actually channeling 18th century Europeans:

The idea that the world could be divided into distinct cultures, and that every culture belonged to a particular people, has its roots in late 18th-century Europe…The Romantic movement, which developed in part in opposition to the rationalism of the Enlightenment, celebrated cultural differences and insisted on the importance of “authentic” ways of being…For Johann Gottfried Herder, the German philosopher who best articulated the Romantic notion of culture, what made each people – or “volk” – unique was its particular language, history and modes of living. The unique nature of each volk was expressed through its “volksgeist” – the unchanging spirit of a people refined through history.

In that case, how dare non-whites appropriate white European thought; we are the only ones who get to promote cultural nationalism and essentialism!

Jokes aside, while Kenan Malik has always been an old-school progressive who disavows identity politics, I’ve also noticed that growing numbers of non-whites are beginning to question SJW identitarianism. Just take the #BernieMadeMeWhite hashtag, which was created by a black Bernie Sanders supporter. Understandably, many non-whites Feeling the Bern are scratching their heads, wondering how a contender who won a rainbow state like Hawaii continues to be branded a “white candidate” by the pro-Hillary machine. It’s almost as if social justice rhetoric is a convenient tool used by elites to thwart challenges to their power.

Another person who’s wised up to the SJW scam is Arab leftist Rania Khalek – whose brilliant trolling of hypocritical AIPAC attendees puts white nationalists to shame. She recognizes that when neocon oligarchs such as Hillary Clinton use SJW buzzwords like “privilege” and “intersectional,” it’s all sham; it’s nothing more than performative nonsense designed to preserve the status quo. It seems that growing numbers of traditional leftists have finally figured out that identity politics is a pure power grab – something we on the alt right have known for years.

But I think something else has also inspired certain non-whites to scrutinize the SJW cult: the rise of Donald Trump. The left has frequently mocked, harangued, and chastised white people for various trespasses, real or perceived. They also exhort whites to “interrogate their privilege” and examine their whiteness. Well, judging by the rise of the Donald, it appears that many have done just that; and it has more savvy leftists such as Rania Khalek worried. It’s not like Khalek completely rejects identity politics – notice the upside down, anti-Eurocentric map in her room – but I suspect she (along with fellow travelers) recognizes that now is not a good time to constantly poke and prod an increasingly radicalized white America.

On the other side of the Atlantic, more trenchant progressives such as Kenan Malik realize that encouraging tribalism in Europe’s various non-white communities will only fuel white Europe’s rapidly rising nationalism. Going back to the mixed messages, it’s the height of folly for identitarians to denounce “cultural appropriation.” After all, such appropriation is the main aspect of diversity that appeals to white people who embrace – or at least tolerate – multiculturalism. They like ethnic food, racial humor, Asian women, and exotic clothing. Take away white peoples’ fun, and what else does multiculturalism have to offer them, aside from displacement? Nothing. By being party poopers, these anti-appropriation zealots may very well inspire more whites to reject multiculturalism and seek alternatives.

Meanwhile, appropriate away!

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6 Responses to SJWs and Multiculturalism’s Mixed Messages

  1. Gay State Girl says:

    I noticed this trend as well. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t: If you adopt children of a different race, than you are accused of abducting them from their native culture. Attempts to keep them in touch with their heritage are often dismissed as superficial and caricatural.

    If you make a point of learning the native language of foreign laborers or the hired help, or speak you are assuming they do not speak English and are uneducated, and they often chastise you for it mutter under their breath and give you leery eyed glances.

    Of course, if you get involved with someone of a different race, you are accused of treading on their turf, and may very well result in violent confrontations.

    If you attend a cultural event hosted by non whites, they may be accepting as it brings in more bacon, but you inevitably and invariably sense hostility.

    Of course, if you actively avoided the above points, you would be accused of racism.

    • Bay Area Guy says:


      The multicultural crowd is playing a very dangerous game. By constantly haranguing and browbeating whites, they’re (intentionally or not) pushing them into a corner.

      At that point, a lot of whites might just say “fuck it” and embrace being a shitlord.

      • Gay State Girl says:

        They were chastising people for this as far back as 1983.,,20084886,00.html

        I no longer speak Spanish to domestic workers. It’s safer to allow them to feel comfortable cursing you while you’re within in earshot, then to get a rude surprise.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Interestingly enough, according to anecdotal evidence from my mom – who’s fluent in German and reasonably fluent in Spanish – it was always the Germans who got offended whenever she tried to speak German with them; they would always insist on speaking and practicing their English.

        In contrast, Latinos were always cool with speaking Spanish to her, and at worst found it a bit amusing.

  2. Beatrix says:

    Hmm…well out here on the warfront of multiculturalism I was just perusing the local Nepali employment ads for a new maid. All listings include caste. In fact caste is listed before any other qualifications. (This is for a maid, not a marriage partner.)
    SJW’s are going to have a hard time convincing me how inherently evil I am due to my whiteness with this sort of shit still going on in the 21st century.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      SJW’s are going to have a hard time convincing me how inherently evil I am due to my whiteness with this sort of shit still going on in the 21st century.

      But Beatrix, we’re just as bad in our own way! Said every SJW ever.

      Besides, I’m sure they would find some way to blame Nepali pathologies on Western colonialism.

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