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Social Justice, Social Darwinism, and the Curious Case of SF’s Housing Squeeze

Even as the browning of America continues, it looks like San Francisco is moving in the opposite direction (HT: Robert Stark). Though I enjoy visiting SF, the city – like the Bay Area as a whole – is rife with contradictions. Despite … Continue reading

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Neologisms and the Left

Just when I thought SJWs couldn’t get any more bizarre, they always find ways to surprise me. Their increasingly absurd abuse of the term “mansplain” is a perfect example. Of course, “mansplain” is not actually that recent of a term; … Continue reading

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A Prank is Worth a Thousand Words

When I’m bored, one of my guilty pleasures is watching funny prank videos. Those that involve pugnacious black people are usually the best. That’s why I’m probably the only alt righter who enjoys watching Tyrone (real name Naphil Hitson) harass and insult … Continue reading

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SJWs and Multiculturalism’s Mixed Messages

Well, it looks like the constant prattle against the evils of “cultural appropriation” shows no signs of abating. White people are certainly being given some very mixed messages. On the one hand, we’re blessed by multiculturalism’s many riches – including … Continue reading

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An Edifying Alt Right Podcast

Very recently, I did a podcast with Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki of Alternative Right. We mostly discussed the increasingly exciting and controversial US presidential election. It was a great conversation, and I endeavored to explain why I am perhaps the … Continue reading

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