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Common Law vs. Common People: The Complicated Relationship Between the Law and Morality

During my college days, I was unfortunate enough to take a course called “first contact,” which revolved around evil white settlers and their depredations against noble indigenous folk. The things I did to fulfill GE requirements! The main lecturer was … Continue reading

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Robert Stark, Rabbit, and Economics

Not too long ago, I was once again interviewed by Robert Stark; this time, we were also joined by Rabbit of AltLeft. Our discussion primarily revolved around economic issues, but we also covered other topics. Listen here: Robert Stark interviews … Continue reading

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Do We Have a ‘Rape Culture’ In The West?

I’ve encountered numerous labels attached to Western culture over the years – ‘individualistic’, ‘high tech’, ‘innovative’, ‘degenerate’ etc; the most bizarre characterization of Western culture, however, is ‘Rape culture.’ I had the opportunity to engage in a rather edifying debate … Continue reading

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