My Latest Interview With Robert Stark

Listen to it here.

I’ve always enjoyed conversing with Robert Stark, and this latest interview was no exception. We covered more ground than usual, and our conversation mainly revolved around ideological flexibility and the potential of a radical center. We also discussed the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, the white suicide rate, the left’s peculiar notion of “diversity,” 1984, and much more!

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3 Responses to My Latest Interview With Robert Stark

  1. Bay State Guy says:

    I’ve taken a rather lengthy vacation from the ‘sphere, but in returning briefly, this Stark interview was rather refreshing. Great commentary on the difference between the treatment towards Greece and the Balkans vs. the sacred “refugees.”

    Tying in Jack London was also interesting, some might be interested in looking into the “New Australia” movement, which was also white exclusive and communist.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Glad to have you back, Bay State Guy!

      Great commentary on the difference between the treatment towards Greece and the Balkans vs. the sacred “refugees.”

      It’s crazy. Despite being told by leftists that whites are indifferent to the humanity of non-whites, Germans seem to care more about a bunch of Arabs than their fellow Europeans. While they offer incoming Syrians refuge and resources, they sentence Greece to years of debt slavery and destitution.


      • Bay State Guy says:

        Thanks, and well said. You know, and I don’t say this to pile on Germany, as I am in support of European solidarity and of not “living in the past” as it were, this is not the only time this type of thing has happened. If you review the historic record between the two countries you’ll see Greece’s recent attitude towards Germany as a very minor thing indeed. I don’t know how familiar you are with Greek history (most Americans are not, but that is OK as it doesn’t really pertain to them), but to sum it up; Germans have traditionally lined up with the Ottoman Empire, formally, assisted Turkey in their battles against Greece meanwhile ‘loaning’ money to Greeks (for the wars) with very blatant enslaving conditions. They have generally sought debt-slavery down there, while being rather friendly with the Muslim Turks, and this at a time when they were not so politically correct and were being ‘robust Europeans.’

        To be fair though, Germans, as individuals and as scholars and intellectuals have usually been quite nice to Greece, even to the point of German volunteers fighting the Greeks side against the Turks, while their gov’t was ‘loaning’ money to Greece and supporting Turkey! God Bless ’em, I don’t knock those sincere young lads for anything.

        And yes, leftists are absolutely ridiculous in charging whites that way, Germans have handed over their country to non-whites (while destroying Greece) as have the French, the Spaniards, Portuguese, and even the Greeks (mores than the rest and at the demand of the dominant enforcer nations of PC in Europe)!

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