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Paris and Selective Sympathy

By now, people of myriad ideological persuasions have weighed in on the latest tragic attack to rock France. Liberals exhort us to not give in to hatred and embrace Islamophobic rhetoric, lest we play into ISIS’s hands. Just about everyone … Continue reading

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My Latest Interview With Robert Stark

Listen to it here. I’ve always enjoyed conversing with Robert Stark, and this latest interview was no exception. We covered more ground than usual, and our conversation mainly revolved around ideological flexibility and the potential of a radical center. We also discussed the … Continue reading

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Safe Spaces in the New Gilded Age

While I refuse to hop on the anti-Millennial bandwagon, my generation in many ways is very perplexing. On account of the latest campus PC scandals polarizing the nation – including but not limited to Yale – I think it’s safe to say … Continue reading

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Making Sense of White American Misery

Well, it looks like the left is finally beginning to realize what we on the alt right have known all along: life for white people isn’t all peaches and “privilege.” On account of a major spike in suicides among middle-aged whites, many … Continue reading

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