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The Radical Center

During my first interview with Robert Stark, Robert and I concurred that the best ideological platform would be an eclectic mix of Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader’s beliefs. We further discussed this stance when hanging out in SF, and Robert even requested that I dedicate … Continue reading

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Ta-Nehisi Coates and the Left’s Weaponization of American Exceptionalism

On account of my stepfamily forming a book club, I have been reading a wide range of literature. Some of the selections have been entertaining and edifying; others, not so much. Due to the latest selection, Between the World and Me, I … Continue reading

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“Diversity” is Simply Code for “Non-white”

When the left touts the benefits of diversity, they’re really telling white people to get lost. The latest example is this wimpy white woman’s screed about her white neighbors’ reluctance to send their kids to a black school, which tells us all … Continue reading

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The Importance of Historical and Global Awareness: My Brief Thoughts on 1984

Inspired by Dota’s old post on 1984, I recently finished reading George Orwell’s dystopian novel. This won’t be an extensive review, as he already covered the book’s most pertinent points; I will likewise presume that readers are already familiar with … Continue reading

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Taking A Break

I will be taking a break from the blog for now as I have a number things in my life that demand my immediate attention, one of them being a potential business venture. At any rate, I’ll still be around … Continue reading

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How to Win by Refusing to Say Sorry

Despite the best efforts of Western elites to morally browbeat Hungary into accepting Syrian refugees, the obstinate Eastern European nation refuses to budge. Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban – with the enthusiastic support of his people – has steadfastly refused to bow … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Latest Insane American Tragedy

So apparently, some man shot up a community college in Oregon, killing ten and wounding seven others. It just depresses me to no end that the good ol’ USA is the site of so many tragedies like these. I left a … Continue reading

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