Kim Davis Stands Up For Christ


Like Jack Phillips before her, Kim Davies chose persecution over capitulation. She was told that her religious beliefs could not supersede the authority of the court. As Bay Area Guy reminded me recently, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was quite right when he said that Americans are slavish in their devotion to the law instead of morality and personal ethics. This should not surprise us in the least as a Marxist society worships the state and considers its law holy scripture. Marxists hate God because the State is a jealous god.

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One Response to Kim Davis Stands Up For Christ

  1. Gaawwwwd dang says:

    Really? She stood up for Christ? What she did was refuse to do her job. She has a right to her religion, but not at the expense of other people or her job. She does not have the right to a job or to break a legal contract. That is why she went to jail, for breaking a legal contract to not discriminate against gays.

    But that is what Jesus wants, isn’t it? “Thou shalt stone the gays, for the Old Testament ways still hold true. Thou shalt also not eat pork, and if a preacher’s daughter gets laid, thou shalt stone her too.”—–Republican Jesus

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