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The Left’s Abuse and Misuse of Anecdotes

Following a school’s hysterical overreaction to a Muslim boy’s homemade clock,  #IStandWithAhmed is now all the rage. The distressing story of a talented and beleaguered student being detained by cops for the simple crime of being Muslim and brown has galvanized the … Continue reading

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Ecotogenesis Provokes Hilarious Response From Feminists

The idea of Ectogenesis (artificial womb technology) has been with us since the 1920s. Its implications have been discussed in Brave New World and even the Matrix. The purpose of this article isn’t to predict the viability of this technology … Continue reading

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Donald Trump, Immigration, and Leftist Histrionics

It looks like Al Jazeera, my favorite site to mine for leftist nonsense, continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. One of their more extreme polemicists, Malcolm Harris, recently claimed that Donald Trump’s strict immigration laws could spark a civil … Continue reading

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My Recent Interview With Robert Stark

Click here to listen. We extensively discuss the economics and culture of the Bay Area, and tie our discussion of the Bay to our analysis of broader American society. We also weigh in on Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and much … Continue reading

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Prostitution and Meth: A Tale of Two Crises

It looks like the world’s oldest profession continues to be attacked by the newest crop of do-gooder liberals. One example comes from an editorial in Al Jazeera where the author, one Simon Hedlin, asserts that the “Swedish model” is the best means of tackling … Continue reading

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Kim Davis Stands Up For Christ

Here. Like Jack Phillips before her, Kim Davies chose persecution over capitulation. She was told that her religious beliefs could not supersede the authority of the court. As Bay Area Guy reminded me recently, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was quite right when … Continue reading

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