White People and Tribalism

In response to Dota’s assertion that whites are mostly incapable of tribalism, commenter Steve/euroglory posted this comment:

Whites have never been tribal Dota? If they have before they aren’t naturally unable to be. You wouldn’t believe the level of anti-immigrant rhetoric in the UK now; even mainstream news reporting is often slanted that way. Somebody posted altered Nazi quotes and got like 400 upvotes on one newspaper website.

I left a rather long comment in response, which I’ll turn into one of those quick posts designed to stimulate debate. Here’s what I had say regarding white tribalism (or lack thereof):

I get where Dota is coming from, and I often harbor similar sentiments.

I think the reason for white apathy is that most white people have never been racially menaced on an individual level. I once read that three quarters of whites live in neighborhoods that are predominantly white. This is only compounded by the fact that most whites subscribe to individualism. Consequently, they don’t consciously regard themselves as a group with group interests, and often recoil at any notion of white solidarity (even if they harbor prejudices against certain groups). Shit, my Midwestern Republican grandfather – a self-described Archie Bunker type – branded me a “white supremacist” when I espoused pro-white and anti-multiculturalist views during one of our conversations.

Therefore, despite the fact that the left is easily winning the culture war and that whites as a group are on the retreat, most whites don’t really feel the ill effects of multiculturalism in their day-to-day lives.

Even in California – the state with the largest number of non-whites – most whites get by just fine; therefore, they can’t really see the writing on the wall. It also doesn’t help that Americans as a whole are distracted by cheap entertainment and a culture that preaches instant gratification. As a result, many people fail to ponder what the future holds.

However, as the economy continues to get worse and growing numbers of white people run out of places to hide, I think that heightened competition and the deteriorating standard of living for the average white person will compel whites to think in more tribal terms.

Just to be clear, I’m hardly saying that unadulterated tribalism is a good thing, and I certainly don’t want whites to revert to more barbaric behaviors such as lynching. Not only are such acts morally wrong, but history tells me that whites who act brutally towards non-whites eventually turn their guns on one another. In fact, Hitler is one of the main reasons why Europe is experiencing immigration and race problems. He’s likewise the main reason why white identity is now taboo.

Nevertheless, I do hope that whites can cultivate a sense of racial identity that promotes their interests and maintains certain boundaries – while treating non-whites in their midst with dignity. Hopefully, both extremes will be eliminated, but only time will tell.

So, what do you guys think? Will whites remain eternally wimpy, or will they begin to wake up? How much white racial consciousness is necessary, and what line separates healthy nationalism from aggressive chauvinism?


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9 Responses to White People and Tribalism

  1. Quartermain says:

    The Whites most likely to get assaulted or killed to be hipsters, liberals and assorted “anti-racists”, bikers and rednecks are not likely to either wind up in that situation or ready & willing to defend themselves. Result is that the worm may turn. The race realist White are going to be more quiet in contrast to the BLMers. That’s my take at least.

  2. euroglory says:

    This is the alarming Nazi comment experiment that I referred to in my post:

    View story at Medium.com

    And here is Jayman arguing (unconvincingly?) that ethnic genetic interests do not exist for any group:


    I should note that while anti-immigrant rhetoric is getting stronger and bolder in the UK, it is never explicitly racial. UKIP campaign against eastern European immigration as much as any other kind. Islam seems to be a particular focus of right wing commentators, which is a cultural concern. There’s no mention of race at all from people making anti-immigration arguments in public- that would definitely be taboo. No doubt some people harbour such thoughts and feelings privately, which might partly explain the particularly strong reaction from some quarters to the recent migrants from Africa.

    I think, as BAG noted, history discourages white racial consciousness since it has usually led to or been associated with evil (Nazism) and oppression (colonialism, apartheid, slavery, racism). We have come to see these things as wrong and have developed a univesalist, ant-racist philosophy in the west. At the same time, colonial links and the wealth and freedom of the west has led to mass migrations to western countries.

    Perhaps NE Asians, having not gone through that historical experience, and not burdened by any sense of guilt, will have more ethnic/racial consciousness when it comes to immigration policy and social attitudes.

    Anyway….the question is the future. I can’t see much changing in the US…there are already so many Hispanic voters. I think the writing is already on the wall. Non-Hispanic whites becoming a minority in the US in the long run is already probably assured. If you count Hispanic whites and mestizos with significant European ancestry (plus the European ancestry of blacks) America might stay a mostly white European country, as a percentage of the overall genetic stock.

    As for Britain, I think we need to end *mass* immigration and have a sensible, moderate policy that is more selective. I think Britain is currently about 87% white and over 90% Caucasian, counting South Asians fyi.

    Modern transportation has already effectively removed the vast distances and geographical barriers that led to divergence into racial groups. The world is now effectively like a single pre-modern kingdom in terms of mobility and travel times. As a result, in the very long run, I think the human race will almost inevitably move towards greater integration until we are all mixed race.

    Left to their own devices, divergent populations that are put in proximity to each other will mix and reintegrate. Jayman is right in that there isn’t any strong genetic factor preventing this from happening. People will fall in love with and happily mate with those of other races who they are attracted to.

    Some kind of future Chinese or Indian nationalism may halt this process for a while, probably with racial IQ arguments. However, in my opinion, there is a strong possibility that some kind of neo-eugenics or genetic engineering will raise the cognitive ability of humans far beyond the present average and thus make racial IQ differences redundant. (http://nautil.us/issue/18/genius/super_intelligent-humans-are-coming)

    That’s how I see things playing out…long term integration with maybe some nationalism cropping up here and there in the process. In the end, I think internationalism and a sense of shared humanity will win.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      That’s how I see things playing out…long term integration with maybe some nationalism cropping up here and there in the process. In the end, I think internationalism and a sense of shared humanity will win.

      That presumes that neoliberalism will remain dominant. Already, there are many challenges to the internationalist, humanistic order. Europe is moving to the right, while India – the world’s largest democracy – is governed by a man who makes the Le Pens look like Tim Wise. China, the other rising Asian giant, is tribal and nationalistic to a degree incomprehensible to most Westerners. ISIS and other regional powers are remaking the Middle East, which certainly doesn’t bode well for a sense of shared humanity.

      Nationalism, far from merely “cropping up here and there,” is surging; where that ultimately leads the planet remains to be seen.

      • euroglory says:

        All good points. I just think the overall trend will be to cultures becoming more similar and biological integration in the long run. It intuitively seems almost inevitable to me, barring a catastrophic event. Maybe I’m wrong.

  3. euroglory says:

    ….my comments don’t seem to post….I may have double posted…delete the first one and this. tar.

  4. m not sure all this race mixin is going to happen quite that easily. for one thing it assumes lots of cheap energy to move folks around forever in the future. not likely. Also groups like Europeans have lived next to each other for millennia, and are actually RELATED to each other. And yet Europe has been bloodily trying to kill each other since the Bronze age. Close populations DO integrate to some degree, but not as much implied. China, Korea, Japan are all close to each other, and yet each group gets irritated if they are confused with one of the others. Being close together tends to make people MORE aware of their differences, not less. I grew up in Arizona. A very small number of Hispanics married into my family. However almost all my relatives including nieces and nephews, who grew in a world full of Hispanic influence still married people of their own race. Spain had a mixed population for centuries. Yet as soon as they could, and this took several centuries, they eventually drove out the moors. The point of all this is, race matters, and people intuitively seek out folk like themselves. The far distant future is just as likely to be full of racially consciousness as is now. And no, I dont think any kind of genetic engineering is likely to help, because even if it can be done, it will only be wealthy people who can afford it, and or organized enough to take advantage of it. Africa cant even handle birth control yet. Back to Africans and Hispanics being too poor to partake of it. Back to square one again. It would just be better, and more sane and even compassionate, if we could just get over the “were all just alike, really we are” trope that western civilization has hobbled itself with. Humans are just the way the are. We want to be near people like us.

    • euroglory says:

      8% of all marriages in the U.S are between spouses of a different race or ethnicity to one another. In 2008, 14.6% of all new marriages were interracial/interethnic. That year, 9% of whites, 16% of blacks, 26% of Hispanics and 31% of Asians married someone whose race or ethnicity was different from their own. This is according to pew. So what do you think the American population will be like after 1000 years of that?

      Genetic engineering isn’t the only possibility. It will also be possible to select the best embryos to implant or the best eggs to fertilise. Something like that could be rolled out on a big scale but may be done by wealthier people first. Obviously there are big ethical issues involved but I think one way or another, future humans are likely to be much smarter than us.

    • euroglory says:

      As for cheap energy….please. It’s called the sun, the big nuclear reactor in the sky. You could already power the entire United States with solar panels on about 200 square km or less. We’re not going to run out of energy. Scientific and tech advancement will bring abundant and cheap energy and hopefully de centralised.

      There’ll probably be human colonies on the moon and Mars. Think big and be positive.

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