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Robert Stark Interviews Me On National Capitalism And Other Topics.

Here. We discussed economics in a bit more detail this time. We also discussed America’s deteriorating democracy. Feel free to post your comments as always.

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More On Moderates And Extremists

Commenter curiosetta makes a few excellent points in this post: There are moderate racists too. Moderate racists believe (for example) blacks are The Problem and they pose a threat to a civilised society. But being moderate they only think that … Continue reading

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Is Feminism An Extremist Ideology?

Kiran Gandhi’s recent stunt is the latest in a long list of feminist attention whoring shenanigans. My personal theory is that she knew she couldn’t win the marathon and hence resorted to pulling such a cheap stunt. Despite the various … Continue reading

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White People and Tribalism

In response to Dota’s assertion that whites are mostly incapable of tribalism, commenter Steve/euroglory posted this comment: Whites have never been tribal Dota? If they have before they aren’t naturally unable to be. You wouldn’t believe the level of anti-immigrant … Continue reading

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Shifting the cost

Here’s a comment I left on Robert Lindsay’s blog pertaining to female rule. I wouldn’t really call this ‘female rule’ as women were never meant to rule. What feminists have done is merely shift women’s dependence away from men/husbands and … Continue reading

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The Pitfalls of American Exceptionalism

Just recently, I had a very edifying conversation with my father about race and the American experiment. While he conceded my point that most of the world looks at American style multiculturalism askance, he nevertheless asserted that my “white supremacist” … Continue reading

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