The Real Wrong Side of History

A common tactic employed by leftists is to accuse their enemies of being on “the wrong side of history.” When I toured UC Santa Cruz around 9 years ago, I recall seeing a mural juxtaposing old school Jim Crow bigotry with current conservative hostility towards homosexual marriage. The image must have caught on, because I could easily find it online.

Because clearly, blacks and homosexuals are the same.

Because clearly, blacks and homosexuals are the same.

The implication is that history will harshly judge opponents of homosexual rights, just as we passionately denounce Jim Crow racism. Such logic is now being applied to transsexual rights; check out this segment from John Oliver – the newest liberal comedic cult figure – where he asserts (skip to 16:15) that history will not be kind to those of us who oppose this newest civil rights movement. In so many words, if we don’t enthusiastically embrace the left’s agenda, then people like us will be reviled for all eternity.

Will we? The arrogant leftist notion that the arc of the universe bends towards justice (ie. what they want) is predicated on the belief that Western liberalism will remain hegemonic. However, I suspect that this dominant liberal narrative will erode as China and other Asian nations continue to rise. We already know that Asian countries have no use for the kind of bizarre identity politics running amok in the West.

In fact, given how pervasive intense nationalism is in Asia, I suspect that Asia’s ascendancy – combined with the West’s demise – will alter the way we view history. Such a paradigm shift will not be kind to the likes of John Oliver. Future Asian historians will be nonplussed upon learning that Americans placed a higher premium on transsexual rights than nationalism or a strong economy. They will also shake their heads and chuckle when reading about how historical white figureheads such as Joe Biden celebrated the impending minority status of their own people. They’ll wonder why the most dominant group in human history threw it all away in the name of quixotic ideals.

They will, with amusement and contempt, consign the Western left to the wrong side of history.

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5 Responses to The Real Wrong Side of History

  1. pukeko60 says:

    Heh. Correct in all parts but one: historically the Jacobins who send people to the wall (at least the current generation can only shame us and make us lose their jobs) will be up against the same wall themselves.

    The most recent example is Ms Pao.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Indeed, those who live by the sword eventually die by the sword.

      The problem with mob justice is that mobs are capricious by nature. Sometimes certain mobs call for the head of Brendan Eich; at other times they target the likes of Ellen Pao. Leftists who instigate witch hunts against “offensive” white men could very well be on the receiving end down the road. Adria Richards is a classic example of an SJW who lived and died by the internet outrage sword.

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  3. Batterytrain says:

    Hey Bag!

    There is a new tv series called “Man in the high castle” which is based on a series of novels by Phillip K. Dick about what would happen if the Axis powers won WW2 and took over the United States. I thought that you would find this interesting b/c it explores a different America then the one we are used to and it would be pretty interesting if you give your thoughts as to the racial/socio-political aspect of this scenario.

    In the novels, the Germans and the Japanese divide the United States to themselves and each espouse their own racial superiority theories with various neutral zones in the United States which acts as a buffer between them. What do you think of this scenario and everything? Here watch the the trailer:

    What I found interesting was the view on black people and how blacks were actually treated better in Nazi Germany then in the U.S back in the day and they got obtain higher positions then they could in the U.S. Is this actually true?

  4. Aiden says:

    What is wrong with that theory is their version of history is about to collapse. In no way should liberals be allowed to refer to themselves as “Progressive” because their effect on society is regressive, not progressive!

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