Yuri Bezmenov On Marxist Subversion Of Western Culture

There’s not much for me to add here. I did  find 4:05 interesting as I’ve come to believe that a large welfare state makes resistance against the government very difficult. How can a population that suckles at the breast of the nanny state ever rise up against it? Feminism has made this harder by enabling the state to become women’s protector and provider. The coming police state will have little trouble procuring women’s submission.

6:40 is also worth paying attention to. He mentions how leftist useful idiots will eventually be shocked at what “the beautiful society of equality and social justice means in practice…” Bear in mind that this prophetic interview was conducted in the 1980s, a time when social justice lunacy hadn’t reached the fevered pitch one observes today. His choice of words are interesting because we know how the Marxist Left loves to cloak totalitarianism in slogans such as “change” and “equality.” But as Bezmenov points out, how do these slogans play out in practice? In practice this means bulldozing the rights of white heterosexual men while non white minorities and women are promised generous rewards for betraying their nations.

The case of false rape accusations is instructional in how Marxist social justice plays out in practice. The rape tribunals on North American campuses serve as a prototype for the kangaroo courts in the encroaching police state. These tribunals are intended to condition freedom loving Americans into accepting totalitarianism by setting a precedent in which due process is discarded. Consider the case of Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim and observe just how easily something like that could transpire here. Anwar Ibrahim was removed from his government post after charges of sodomy were leveled against him. Is it far fetched to assume that opposition leaders in the West might similarly be discredited by false accusations of rape (as defined by SJWs) and a host of other manufactured offenses? While Social Justice morons agitate over trivial causes, the NSA continues to spread its tentacles. Funny how these Leftists are silent on the issue of mass surveillance.

It is time we acknowledge the truth: That communism is the enemy of the West, and given the overlapping predictions of Orwell and Bezmenov, it is a conspiracy as well. Only once Westerners realize that communism is a conspiracy will they then understand that they are under attack.

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One Response to Yuri Bezmenov On Marxist Subversion Of Western Culture

  1. The West used to be under attack by Marxists until the so-called McCarthy era. During the 1960s, Marxists have taken control of the West’s major institutions and they remained in control ever since.

    See my article “The decline of Western Civilisation… and why Marxists did not lose but win the Cold War” –> https://medium.com/@AspieSavant/explaining-the-collapse-of-western-civilisation-4af7b99b5332

    See also Lothrop Stoddard’s classic “The Revolt against Civilization; the Menace of the Under man” (1922) as one of the best works ever written on both Marxism and 18th century revolutionary thought (in which Marxism is rooted) –> https://archive.org/details/revoltagainstciv00stod

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