America’s Tainted Democracy

This video says it all. Somehow I’m not surprised to see these South Asians beginning to use their wealth to buy political clout; what’s shocking is their naked tribalism which they make not even a token attempt to conceal. Indians and Pakistanis both fundraising for Hilary Clinton, and somehow I doubt it’s because they support radical feminism. It seems that multiculturalism and democracy are as immiscible as oil and water. Traditional Western democracies were governed by a healthy competition of ideologies, where ideologies are a universal interpretation of reality. As the U.S and Canada become inundated with hordes of third world immigrants, ideologies becomes less relevant as tribal interests begin to exert themselves at the expense of nationhood. Perhaps Jews are despised because they are simply better at this game than the other non-whites.

Notice how that Pakistani real estate tycoon at 1:38 has supported both Republicans and Democrats in the past. I doubt he cares much for ideologies and instead focuses mainly on furthering the tribal interests of Pakistanis. I’ll lay long odds that despite his heavy involvement in American politics, the average first year student of political science knows more political science theory than he does.

What is the difference between Pakistani Americans lobbying for aid packages for Pakistan and organized Jewry lobbying for aid to be directed to Israel?


Accusing these ethnic minorities of harbouring dual loyalties is both unfair and insulting. The accusation of dual loyalties implies that these people are at-least partially sympathetic to the interests of the nations that took them in and granted them citizenship, whereas I argue that their loyalties lie entirely with their countries of origin. As long as third world immigration continues at its current level, immigrants will never assimilate as they will maintain ties to their countries of origin. Whites in North America need to realize with great urgency that they risk becoming economically and politically dispossessed in the very countries that they founded and built through centuries of toil.


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13 Responses to America’s Tainted Democracy

  1. Dr Faustian says:


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  2. Robert says:

    Do you see South Asians playing a bigger role in the American economic and political elite than East Asians?

    • Dota says:

      Count on it. The new America is becoming increasingly low trust and transactional, but with first world infrastructure. South Asians are going to flourish in this new America. God help us all.

      • GulliverFredrich says:

        America was low trust and transactional long before South Asians had a major presence in America though….

      • GulliverFredrich says:

        BTW Dota check this out, I thought you might find this interesting:

        I simply can’t believe the stupidity that Indians display sometimes, I wish more “immigrants” were like Jindal, people who at least try to assimilate and pay contributions to the cultures that they are residing with. I mean if Indians know Jindal can’t be an “American”, then you are basically admitting America is a “White country”, so then why are you coming to America and not paying contributions or directly acknowledging the fact that America is a “White” country.

      • Goldstein says:

        God help us “all”, You mean it seriously??? When did slumdogs from a fourth world shithole become white???

    • Dota says:


      He’s not calling himself white, atleast that’s the impression I got from the link you provided. He’s simply against identity politics. I cannot comment on his intentions but this view that “we are all Americans” is problematic. The American identity is grounded in race and removing it from that context makes it irrelevant. If everybody can be an American, what does it mean to be American? As BAG pointed out some time ago, if it’s for everybody, it’s also for nobody. The morally courageous position would be for him to refer to himself as an Indian American but also acknowledge that the US is a white country.

  3. Khon says:

    It’s only a first generation thing, most second or third generation American-Pakistanis don’t really care about the old country (especially mixed ones).

    Ethnic Whites aren’t any different. Irish-Americans were financing the IRA and Italian-American mobs always helped folks from their old country. White Cubans have done the same. It isn’t just a Desi thing.

    More power to these Pakistanians. 😀

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  6. Adi says:

    The most obvious difference between Israeli lobbying and paki/Indian lobbying is that Israel actually provides useful things to the US in exchange for aid. We get inter alia superb tech from Israel, some of which is part of our daily lives.

    Even Israeli citizens are a better fit than south Asians

    India can never provide anything useful except coolie labor to the US. Pakistan can’t even provide that.

    American and Israeli interests do merge more often than not. American and paki interests are diametrical as are American and Indian interests.

    If American pols have half a brain, they’ll take their money, and do nothing.

  7. Gay State Girl says:


    Remember Ted Kennedy funded the IRA.

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