Why the Quality of Immigrants is Irrelevant

Our blog has repeatedly emphasized elite perfidy; more than anything else, venal and avaricious traitors are the primary culprits of the West’s demise. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that most white elites and talking heads do not hold most of their fellow whites in high esteem. Occasionally, some will even drop the pretense and openly display their utter contempt for the little white people. One such example is this execrable, vomit inducing article by a white Brit named Doug Saunders.

(Ht: Heartiste)

While this article is rather old (and some think the author is simply being ironic), it nevertheless touches upon an issue that I’ve long pondered but never discussed: the notion that immigration is a boon on account of white indolence and pathology. This open display of ethnomasochism most explicitly promotes the idea that tireless, hustling immigrants are needed to temper the decadence of slothful whites.

Indeed, after reading this article, I’m tempted to think that all British whites are lazy scum whose sole pastime is binge drinking. And of course, they’re anti-intellectual and perform poorly in school compared to the kids of hard-working immigrants. Extolling the virtues of these diligent immigrants, Saunders is particularly dismissive of British whites who’ve grown weary of being flooded with foreigners:

These xenophobic attitudes are harming Britain’s economy. As the Economist recently wrote, the Prime Minister’s pledge to drive immigration below 100,000 a year has done serious damage – steep visa fees, quotas and restrictions have driven away foreign students, educated elites and investors, while many British companies are moving their operations overseas, where it’s easier to hire the best workers. And it is causing a fiscal crisis – according to the Office for Budget Responsibility, immigration rates will need to double if national debt is to be lowered to half its level (and UKIP’s immigration freeze would double public debt).

For starters, “easier” is a nice euphemism for “cheaper.” Like so many other leftists, his promotion of open borders in the name of “tolerance” serves as free advertising for corporations who support mass immigration for profit-related reasons. Also, this suggestion that outsiders are needed to revitalize the land of feckless natives sounds awfully similar to imperialist rhetoric. Needless to say, I don’t think respectable media talking heads would issue similar statements about natives of non-white countries. Sure, they’ll occasionally denounce Japanese xenophobia and insist that Japan needs immigration for economic reasons. However, they never denigrate the native population and insist that foreigners are their moral and cultural superiors.

However, let’s just presume that Mr. Saunders is correct when he insists that British minorities are economically and culturally superior to whites. Let’s also presume that immigration is necessary for sustained economic growth. Here’s what I have to say about that: so what?

I don’t deny that British whites are dysfunctional. Indeed, I have a hard time believing they forged an overseas empire that once lorded over a quarter of humanity. Nevertheless, Britain is their country and the quality or desirability of minorities/immigrants is irrelevant. They should be free to mold their country as they see fit.

Too many whites on the right fall into the trap of discussing the qualities of certain immigrant groups. For example, many HBDers bash Mexicans while heaping praise upon intelligent East Asians. The problem with this line of thinking is that it allows the open borders crowd to force immigration restrictionists into a corner. So long as leftists – and greedy mainstream conservatives – can point to successful immigrants and problematic natives, then they instantly shut down all opposition.

The real reason to oppose open borders is the radical principle that majority groups should remain the majority in their respective countries. I don’t care if immigrants are feckless Somalis or brain drain Asians; large influxes of any non-white group pose problems for Western countries. Simple as that. If more white conservatives – and race realist liberals – were willing to adopt such an unapologetic stance, then the culture wars vexing diverse Western countries would subside. 

But I wouldn’t hold my breath. 

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7 Responses to Why the Quality of Immigrants is Irrelevant

  1. euroglory says:

    Something I have heard many times is that the Polish are harder workers and many business owners feel that it is better to hire them. There appears to be at least some truth to this; Poles have gained a reputation as hard and reliable workers.

    I don’t think there is any serious lack in the white British population though that makes importing foreign labour necessary. Why do you say that you don’t deny that British whites are dysfunctional? It seems a rather sweeping statement that covers everyone at every level of society. Of course, attitudes and society were very very different when we ruled the world, and even in the days, not all that long ago, when we endured the blitz and fought the Nazis, by guile as much as strength.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Believe me, it’s hardly my intention to disparage British people, especially since Americans have their fair share of pathologies. In fact, as Dota and I have agreed, the U.S. is the 3rd world of the 1st world.

      That being said, I think it’s hard to deny that British whites have seen better days. It seems that today’s Brits bear very little resemblance to the people who fought the Nazis and forged a mighty empire centuries ago.

      I remember traveling to the UK almost a decade ago, and I can’t say that I was too impressed. British whites just strike me as a spent people, who are slowly but surely being displaced. Of course, whites in many Western countries are experiencing similar problems, but it seems especially bad in Britain.

      I was far more impressed during my tour of Germany.

      • euroglory says:

        I have always been impressed by Germany. Germany is beautiful and the Germans are highly competent people who have excelled in many ways, but I’m not sure if they have any less immigration than us.

  2. euroglory says:

    What problems do you think a large influx of Chinese people would cause for Britain? Just curious.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I think a large influx of Chinese people would be very problematic. True, they wouldn’t exhibit the same pathologies as Pakistanis, but they would nevertheless pose a real threat.

      They’re a tribal, collectivist group that places a higher premium on etiquette than morality. If unchecked, their economic achievements can destabilize societies; one only has to observe the social tension throughout Southeast Asia, which is in part caused by disproportionate Chinese control of wealth.

      Despite the Chinese drive to achieve and their high levels of intelligence, I still wouldn’t want them moving to the West en masse. Like I said, the quality of immigrants is irrelevant.

    • Chintu Singh says:

      The problem is simple, the Chinese (even with their high IQ) are not British.

  3. A Swain says:

    Firstly, regarding the apathy displayed by indigenous White Britons, one must bear in mind that these examples mainly emanate from the lower classes. Upper/Middle Classes don’t on the whole exhibit such slothful tendencies.

    Secondly, Cultural Marxism has wildly succeeded over 7.5 decades of imposed propaganda AND cultural perversion, in suppressing any White racial and cultural awareness by pathologizing any natural expressions AND emotions of said racial/cultural identity including, most especially, racial pride.

    Thirdly, that awareness is returning albeit tentatively because we all know that when the consequences of orchestrated population replacement and territorial dispossession attain the proverbial ‘in-your-face’ proportions, the native inhabitants of any territory invariably begin reacting to their planned demise.

    That’s what happening at the moment. We are seeing the rise of both civic nationalist and ethno nationalist movements and parties across Europe and her enclaves, and a coming together of some. Any native group of people instinctively knows that when its very survival is at stake, collectivism and power consolidation is the only way forward.

    America, Canada and Australia, in turn, are also awakening to the threat.

    During the process of native racial awakening, Marxian Liberals (Communists) will show signs of fear and begin freaking out all over the media. This is usually highly evident by their acceleration of anti-White race-hate rhetoric and race-baiting throughout media AND educational institutions which they’ve, decades ago, successfully hijacked.

    They’re conscious of the fact that ALL power regardless of who currently wields it, is but a fleeting phenomena that eventually is lost to a stronger foe.

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