Ice Cream, Hitler Worship, and Western Liberals’ Cluelessness About the Non-White World

A few days ago, ice cream merchants in Robert Lindsay’s favorite punching bag, India, inspired outrage when they launched a new brand of ice cream cones bearing Hitler’s name and image. The good white liberals of Germany, in a display that would make Abe Foxman proud, voiced their disgust over this transgression. Of course, this is hardly the first time that Indians have demonstrated affection for history’s most notorious racist. In the realm of television, the decision by India’s Zee TV to retain the title of Hitler Didi for one its soap operas was deemed “unfortunate and disturbing” by the ADL.

The new, disturbing face of genocide.

The new, disturbing face of genocide.

The article in the Daily Mail asserts that Indians are simply ignorant of the true horrors of the holocaust; the implication is that the noble brown people of South Asia would never endorse Hitler if they knew what he really stood for. This argument is patently absurd for the obvious reason that if Indians know enough about Hitler to attach his name to T.V. shows and ice cream crones, then they should have at least some idea of why he’s so infamous. Even in a country as destitute as India, information is readily available, especially to educated members of the middle class who have long comprised the bulk of Hindutva supporters.

Speaking of Hindutva, if one peruses the writings of famous Hindutva architects such as Vinayak Savarkar and Madhav Golwalkar, these educated Indians unambiguously praise Nazi Germany. Such attitudes have trickled down to regular Indians, who admire Hitler precisely because they embrace his intense nationalism, chauvinism, and strongman rule. Despite their high illiteracy rates, Indians are not stupid. They certainly don’t subscribe to Hitler’s beliefs regarding non-white inferiority. Rather, many apply Hitler’s exclusive and aggressive nationalism to their own context. Instead of promoting Aryan domination and anti-Semitism, they champion Hindutva and the demonization of Muslims.

Such logic also applies to other countries. Back in high school, I read Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner, whose primary antagonist is a Hitler admiring, Pashtun-German mix named Assef. At the time, I was nonplussed that someone of mixed background – who would have been sent to the wall had Nazism triumphed – consciously heaped praise upon an Aryan supremacist. However, knowing what I know now about the non-Western world, it doesn’t seem as surprising. Like Indians, Assef simply applies Hitler’s racist logic to his own ethnic and cultural context. As a dominant Pashtun in Afghanistan, Hazaras are the Jews in his eyes. One could easily find similar patterns in various other countries.

When Western liberals act shocked or wax indignant over incidents such as the latest ice cream controversy in India, they betray their ignorance of the non-Western world. They regard non-whites as innocent children, tolerant and benevolent by default. If and when they ever engage in offensive behavior, it is only because they lack knowledge or have had their immaculate selves contaminated by white peoples’ pernicious influence. These colored children simply aren’t held up to any moral standards. Contrast that with the punishment meted out to a Greek soccer player for performing a Nazi salute. Despite his assertion that he was unaware of what the salute meant, his ignorance was no excuse. As a white European, he should have known better.

As human beings with agency, non-whites also know better. Most are simply much more socially conservative and passionately nationalistic than white Westerners. Learning more about Hitler’s misdeeds won’t provoke revulsion or compel Indians to embrace left-wing anti-racism. If anything, such knowledge could inspire greater fervor among the more hateful ones. Hindutva chauvinists have already displayed their propensity for brutal violence, which makes David Duke look like Morris Dees by comparison. The popularity of ultranationalistic figures such as Bal Thackeray and Narendra Modi – who like Hitler were/are fascist and charismatic figures – demonstrates that Indians who romanticize Hitler know precisely what they are doing.

Non-whites are not white people who just happen to be melanin enriched. Their cultures, values, and unwavering tribalism distinguish them from the bulk of Westerners. Naive whites underestimate these differences at their own peril.

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24 Responses to Ice Cream, Hitler Worship, and Western Liberals’ Cluelessness About the Non-White World

  1. Dota says:

    India doesn’t really love Hitler per se, they love the idea of Hitler. Indians love strong, masculine, ultra-nationalist, and charismatic leaders. Indians are able to connect with Hitler on a level that most Europeans are unable to fathom. I think most Indians revere Hitler for what he once was, rather than what he became. Even though I dislike the man today, a very small part of me still admires his patriotism and sense of purpose.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Indeed. Most probably don’t enthusiastically endorse the holocaust or his other appalling actions.

      Nevertheless, they still harbor a certain affection for the man that would be unthinkable in the West. At the bare minimum, they don’t find him repulsive, as their liberal usage of his name suggests.

  2. Batterytrain says:

    There is also the whole Aryan angle thing, since after all the Aryans invaded India, molded a caste system and created a religion where the swastika was held in reverence. Hitler took the swastila from that region, he didn’t invent it. I’m surprised that BAG didn’t cover this angle…….

    Also the Pashtuns of Afghanistans are genetically related to Europeans, Robert himself has admitted this and has shown blonde/red haired Pashtuns in pictures and they are Caucasoids. Robert has their pictures on his post, the whites of Asia. Technically the Pashtun guy was basically a white guy in the novel.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      I’m not really interested in Nazi attitudes towards India or their reverence for the ancient Aryans. I also think that questions related to the whiteness of the Pashtuns are beside the point.

      The purpose of this post was to further highlight the utter lack of guilt and unapologetic nationalism that most non-Western countries display. Most whites simply cannot comprehend that their current capitulation to PC norms is abnormal and unprecedented. On both a domestic and foreign policy level, it is imperative that they become cognizant of these differences.

      • Ex-Liberal says:

        There are too many Westerners who haven’t had to face the reality of the world’s Ethnocentrism. They express support for diversity ignorant of the minutia such as this. It seems that a critical mass of Westerners need to actually be forced to be exposed to diversity before there will be widespread realization. Either that or we bankrupt ourselves funding the current zeitgeist, all of its current institutions, and propaganda. I am betting on the latter as I believe our elites have already bankrupt our countries.

  3. RD Sultan says:

    This was a great read! Good job.

  4. euroglory says:

    So the message seems to be that non whites are ferociously nationalistic and tribalistic so we should become nationalistic too in order to protect ourselves. Presumably you think they will never truly integrate, always retain strong ethnic loyalties and it will undermine the unity and cohesiveness of society, while they will never embrace liberal values and tolerance, leading potentially to conflict. Is that about right?

    I don’t think white people and non white people are really so different in this regard. Many white people show a predisposition to nationalism and racism; many non-white people in the west embrace liberal values and do not have ethnic solidarity to a degree that is likely to cause any problem.

    At times like this I often contemplate non white friends I have had. For example:

    I had a British Indian friend in my university days. He felt ethnically but not nationally Indian- his national identity was entirely British. Nor did he have any of his parents respect for caste endogamy. For him, caste was his heritage but not an effective social force in the social world of his peers (notwithstanding troublesome parental meddling). To his children it will mean even less, probably next to nothing. You will say his ethnic loyalties are what matter but I dont see where the problem comes. His ethnic identity is there and it’s important to him but it doesn’t preclude friendship or openess to the White British or harmony with them. Whites and Hindu Indians in Britain seem to be quite capable of co-existing harmoniously.

    There seems to me to be more potential for friction and antagonism between white British and Pakistani Muslims. This is partly because many white British people take umbrage with Islam and there is division on the basis of religion. I don’t see any problems with Hindu Indians and in many ways they are model immigrants, alongside the Chinese, with good social outcomes and equal to white educational achievement. White British people just don’t seem to take any offence at Hinduism or see any threat from it. The Hindus born and bred in Britain don’t seem to have any problem adapting to western society or embracing western culture, which is more problematic for Muslims, though many do it just fine. For Muslims there is clearly some conflict between Islamic values and western liberal values and western lifestyle, which puts at least some of them in opposition to the mainstream society. It’s also something that could become existentially important for liberal western society if their numbers were to get high enough.

    • Dota says:


      As long as contact from the motherland is not cut of, immigrants will never fully integrate and they will always be a pet class for liberals to use. The only way for them to assimilate is to cut of the stream of immigration from the motherland.

      I don’t think whites are capable of being tribal, but a healthy dose of racial consciousness is what they desperately need. Seriously, white ethno-masochism is unnatural.

      • Dota says:

        One more thing Steve. Even if South Asian immigrants eventually succeed in integrating, bear in mind that they will never be as British as you will. Their collective memories are rooted outside of Britain and there is something to be said of continuity and a society’s collective experience. Immigrants, no matter how well integrated, are necessarily excluded from this. I will never be as Canadian as my WASP buddy David in Ontario. I’ve accepted this.

      • euroglory says:

        Whites have never been tribal Dota? If they have before they aren’t naturally unable to be.

        You wouldn’t believe the level of anti-immigrant rhetoric in the UK now; even mainstream news reporting is often slanted that way. Somebody posted altered Nazi quotes and got like 400 upvotes on one newspaper website.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        Whites have never been tribal Dota? If they have before they aren’t naturally unable to be.

        I get where Dota is coming from, and I often harbor similar sentiments.

        I think the reason for white apathy is that most white people have never been racially menaced on an individual level. I once read that three quarters of whites live in neighborhoods that are predominantly white. This is only compounded by the fact that most whites subscribe to individualism. Consequently, they don’t consciously regard themselves as a group with group interests, and often recoil at any notion of white solidarity (even if they harbor prejudices against certain groups). Shit, my Midwestern Republican grandfather – a self-described Archie Bunker type – branded me a “white supremacist” when I espoused pro-white and anti-multiculturalist views during one of our conversations.

        Therefore, despite the fact that the left is easily winning the culture war and that whites as a group are on the retreat, most whites don’t really feel the ill effects of multiculturalism in their day-to-day lives.

        Even in California – the state with the largest number of non-whites – most whites get by just fine; therefore, they can’t really see the writing on the wall. It also doesn’t help that Americans as a whole are distracted by cheap entertainment and a culture that preaches instant gratification. As a result, many people fail to ponder what the future holds.

        However, as the economy continues to get worse and growing numbers of white people run out of places to hide, I think that heightened competition and the deteriorating standard of living for the average white person will compel whites to think in more tribal terms.

        Just to be clear, I’m hardly saying that unadulterated tribalism is a good thing, and I certainly don’t want whites to revert to more barbaric behaviors such as lynching. Not only are such acts morally wrong, but history tells me that whites who act brutally towards non-whites eventually turn their guns on one another. In fact, Hitler is one of the main reasons why Europe is experiencing immigration and race problems. He’s likewise the main reason why white identity is now taboo.

        Nevertheless, I do hope that whites can cultivate a sense of racial identity that promotes their interests and maintains certain boundaries – while treating non-whites in their midst with dignity. Hopefully, both extremes will be eliminated, but only time will tell.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      Just going to add one more point.

      Even if these immigrants eventually did assimilate and fit in, are the costs of increased diversity worth it? Maintaining diversity is always costly, in one way or another.

      I agree with Dota that immigration from the motherland needs to be cut off in order to ensure that liberals can’t use newcomers as a pet class. The period from 1924-1965 when the U.S. significantly curtailed immigration fostered greater assimilation among white ethnics, which gave birth to white America as we know it.

      Since I recognize that mass deportations are unfeasible, the best solution is to restrict immigration and insist on thorough assimilation.

  5. Chintu Singh says:

    I remember I was taking a cool print out of Hitler doing a Roman salute at a netcafe in India (History assignment) and he net cafe owner, a person from the lower middle classes of India, went wild and wanted a copy for himself. In true Indian style he did not get my permission and took a printout for himself as if Hitler was some kind of God. Adolf Hitler does have a benevolent image among millions of Indians if you ask me.

    As far as being Nazi is concerned. I believe the Third World is naturally Nazi anyways, it is the natural human state for billions. The way I look at it, National Socialist tribalism was an attempt by the Nazi elites to inculcate the same Asian tribalism that Jews had among Germans and Europeans in general so that they do not fall victim to the ‘mercantile Jew’.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      As Dota has told me on many occasions, in the 3rd world, you basically have fascist hawks and moderate nationalists; but “liberals” in the Western sense of the world are exceedingly rare.

      It’s pretty hard for most North Americans to comprehend just how nationalistic and tribal most of the world really is. For most Americans, being “patriotic” – and I consider patriotism weak compared to nationalism – entails eating hot dogs on the 4th of July and singing “God Bless America” at a baseball game.

      • Gay State Girl says:

        You have people obsessed with their home town or home state and all too willing to kill over stupid sports rivalries though. 🙂 Humans would create “tribes” even if genetic or social distinctions never existed.

      • Gay State Girl says:

        In the end, Hitler got exactly what he wanted: to be recalled as history’s greatest villain and to be afforded this cult status position. I’m sure many other leaders could inspire this kind of reverence if they had been granted the level of notoriety that Hitler enjoys courtesy of the Hollycost anyway.

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        You have people obsessed with their home town or home state and all too willing to kill over stupid sports rivalries though. Humans would create “tribes” even if genetic or social distinctions never existed.

        True, but it’s the degree of tribalism that matters.

        For all that Giants and Dodgers fans quarrel, their beef pales in comparison to sectarian conflicts – often racial/ethnic in nature – that plague the world.

      • Gay State Girl says:

        To put it simply, tribalism is an inherent component of human nature. We’re hard wired that way. It’s unrealistic to expect otherwise. Even in homogenous societies, artificial divisions will be created. These divisions can only strengthen over time.

        In addition to geographical distinctions or rural/urban red state/blue/state rivalries, there still exists plenty of cohesion among white ethnics, (such that the drunk Irish cop who ran DUI’d and killed my cousin was never convicted because all the other cops were Irish and covered for him.)

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        In addition to geographical distinctions or rural/urban red state/blue/state rivalries, there still exists plenty of cohesion among white ethnics

        Living in the Bay Area, I have never noticed such cohesion. I’m guessing that since California is a relatively younger state – compared to the East Coast, that is – and predominantly non-white, there aren’t really any ethnic divisions among whites.

      • Gay State Girl says:

        Have you ever travelled to the Northeast?

      • Bay Area Guy says:

        @ GSG

        I have, in fact; I’ve been to both New York and Boston, mainly to tour the ballparks.

        Have you ever been to the Bay Area?

      • Gay State Girl says:

        Once. It was lovely. I hope to go again.

  6. Liberlaism is a disease that only affects the white world. What most fail to realize is that National Socialism is nature. It applies to all tribes, not just to the white race, white race a term Hitler despised. Just to mention also, India has faced a genocide by the Muslims that is 15 times larger than the alleged genocide of the Jews, yet few in the West know anything about it..

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