And They Say Cultural Marxism is a Conspiracy Theory…

Courtesy of Steve Sailer, I recently came across a story about an exclusive New York private school that’s imposing a progressive brand of mandatory racial segregation as a means of promoting non-white pride and white self-abasement. I guess having little kids learn about “microaggressions” is a measure of progress.

Liberals often mock the whole notion of cultural Marxism, insisting that it’s a baseless conspiracy theory promoted by a bunch of uneducated extremists who sport tin foil hats. I personally refrain from using the term, not as a concession to the left, but to avoid trafficking in esoteric terms and buzzwords that make the alternative right inaccessible to the regular white person.

However, one can’t deny the existence of cultural Marxism, PC, “totalitarian humanism” (as coined by Keith Preston), or any other term used to describe modern liberal lunacy. For the umpteenth time, I challenge you to name one majority non-white country that endorses similar nonsense.

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5 Responses to And They Say Cultural Marxism is a Conspiracy Theory…

  1. batterytrain says:

    Hey BAG!

    I’m just wondering what do you think of this comment or blog post? I found the whole Balkans-Ottoman-Mongol dynamic interesting.

    • Bay Area Guy says:

      At least for me, I’ve always found the whole leftist refrain that, “at least medieval empires weren’t racist!” to be a very poor argument.

      Sure, they weren’t “racist,” but I don’t think the victims of their imperialism or butchery derived much comfort from this little technicality. I’m sure the Christian subjects of the Balkans who were treated as second class citizens by the Ottoman Empire and coerced to surrender their children under the devsirme practice were thrilled that at least they weren’t being regarded as a biological race.

      Ditto for the millions of people enslaved or butchered by the Mongols and Turks over the centuries.

      I guess I’ve learned that, in the eyes of the Abagond crowd, you can be a vile murderer and tyrant, but so long as you’re not “racist” you’ll evade any strident moral condemnation.

      Racism is simply more of a biological variant of tribalism. Leftists who single out racism as being worse than all other bigotries are simply slinging mud at whites and assigning them “most awful people” status.

      • American says:

        Well, don’t stop there. The 20th century is a case study in Marxist state atheistic totalitarianism and severe persecution of Christians. It’s tragic that as the Soviet Union collapsed upon itself it managed to plant the poisonous seed of cultural Marxism into the soil of the free world’s left. Now we just call it liberal fascism.

  2. Goldstein says:

    Marx would be spinning in his grave given guys like you twisting his words and creating this inane notion called cultural marxism.

    • Dota says:

      Marx would actually be proud if he knew the extent of the role his ideology has played in the terminal decline of the West. Jews have always hated the Christian West and Marx is a true credit to his race.

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